Thailand Tax ID card


Thailand Tax ID card

Updated by Sunbelt Asia Legal and Accounting Departments December 2010
You will need a Tax ID card if you have a Thai company or are working in Thailand.  The tax ID card shows you are a taxpayer in Thailand. You apply for a Thai Tax ID card at the Revenue Department. This will have a tax ID number which you will use often in the future.  Make sure your employer provides you with your Thailand Tax ID card soon after you begin to work in Thailand.

Before leaving your current job, it is essential for you to obtain your tax payers card, your tax return (completed form) and paid tax receipts from your place of work. It is your responsibility to ask for these items and your employers responsibility to provide them to you in a timely manner.

Sunbelt Asia Accounting Services and Sunbelt Asia Tax assistance staff can help you and your company with all Thai tax issues.   “Nothing is as certain as Death and Taxes” the olde time saying goes but Thailand Tax Issues are best handled by the the accountants at Sunbelt Asia who can help with your tax reporting requirements.

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