Acquiring Thai Nationality

To acquire Thai nationality – Citizenship

Aliens who wish to apply for Thai nationality under the Nationality Act B.E. 2508 (A.D. 1965) a person does NOT need to be 40 years or have spent 10 years in Thailand.

They must be of the age of majority, be of good character, be gainfully employed, have continuously lived in Thailand for not less than FIVE years and have knowledge of the Thai language. (Section 10)

It’s an advantage to be married to a Thai citizen and having children born in Thailand or having studied in a local university/college as an undergraduate.

The applicant must complete an application form and submit various required documents to the Criminal Investigation Division Group I, Subdivision 3, Police Department, Rama I Road, Bangkok.

The official fee is Baht 5,000. The processing takes 2 to 3 years.

In the case of a minor child sponsored by a mother or father having Thai nationality, there must be evidence of both sponsorship and the child’s birth. Likewise, a wife seeking Thai citizenship based on her husband’s Thai nationality must submit evidence of the husband’s nationality, the marriage, and a formal request for Thai citizenship.

According to the Thai Nationality Act (2535 B.E.), it is possible for a person born to either father or mother of Thai nationality, within or outside Thailand, to acquire Thai nationality.

To Apply for a Thai Birth Certificate

1. A child born to a Thai parent outside Thailand is entitled to acquire Thai nationality, the parents can apply for a birth certificate for their child at the Royal Thai Embassy in the country of birth.

2. The following documents are required in order to obtain a Thai birth certificate :

  •  2 copies of the foriegn birth certificate and its translation into Thai; both documents must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country issuing the birth certificate
  •  2 copies of the marriage certificate of the parents
  •  2 copies of the passport of the father and the passport of the mother (either two Thai passports or one Foriegn and one Thai passport)
  •  2 copies of the identity cards of the father and of the mother
  •  1 photo of the child

The Embassy needs 5 working days to issue a Thai birth certificate.
FAQ:  Thai Citizenship

Question :

If a person of Thai nationality is married to a foreigner and has acquired his/her spouse’s nationality, does that person lose his/her Thai nationality?

Answer :

According to the Thai law, the person still hold Thai nationality, unless he/she wishes to renounce to his/her Thai nationality by declaring his/her intention to the competent authority, or his/her Thai nationality is revoked by the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Question :

Can a person of Thai nationality, who has previously renounced his/her nationality, recover his/her Thai nationality?

Answer :

A person is entitled to apply for recovery of Thai nationality by filing an application to the Consul.

Question :

Can the non-Thai spouse of a Thai citizen apply for Thai nationality?

Answer :

Even though the spouse of a Thai national is a citizen of a foreign country, he/she can apply for the Thai nationality to the Embassy of Thailand.

All relevant documents attached to the application must be certified by designated authorities.

Documents issued by the Government of a foreign country are to be examined and certified by designated authorities.

If the document is in a foreign language besides English, it must be translated into Thai, then examined and certified by the designated authorities.

If any of the attached document is a copy, it must be certified as true copy by the designated authorities.

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