Bangkok Restaurants


Bangkok Restaurants

Food, food and more food of every taste and flavor, of every variety and delight, to wet your taste buds or to shower them can be found in Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok. This is an understatement! By way of launching this section of culinary delights, let it be said that it is a rare corner that one can not find tasty and flavorful eats in this giant of a city.

Food can be found on the street and in the poshest hotels; it can be found in restaurants of every nationality and ethnic origin. In Bangkok, way out in here South East Asia, you can find a delicious Mexican style burrito, a falafel that tastes like home, be it Riyadh or Beirut, a Texas sized hamburger, prime New Zealand beef, Indian curry, flavored and simmered like no other, an English meat pie, salads and soups with all your favorite dressings, Chinese noodle soups and fresh fruit cut, chopped and bagged for less than the cost of a phone call. When it comes to food, let Bangkok, Thailand be your destination.

Now let’s review each and every tasty morsel that can be had, from street food to the city’s top Italian Trottoria.

Street Food

For some, seeing food cooked out in the open right on a street corner is a little disconcerting. Please don’t be put off just because the restaurant you find on some Bangkok street has no walls! Pull up a plastic seat and order up with just this word of warning: if you don’t like chilies remember this important phrase, “Mai sai prick, khrap.” This is a polite way of saying please don’t put chilies on my food.

But what can you find on to eat on the street in Bangkok, Answer: Almost anything!

Fruit is a good place to start. All over Bangkok, and all over Thailand for that matter, sellers of fruit can be found almost anywhere. Many varieties including cantaloupe, watermelon, papaya, mango, and local selections are offered. Usually, men and women wheel around a glass cart stocked with fresh fruit on ice. They stop here and there and sell. Some even plant themselves in the same place daily. For ten baht of local currency, which is about a quarter of a U.S. dollar, you can get a hefty portion of your favorite fruit.

Cooked food abounds! One local favorite to keep an eye out for is a rice dish with cooked meat, chilies and basil. Delicious and a bit spicy too. Other tasty treats include, soups, fried bananas, roasted chicken, noodle dishes, as well as an all time Thailand favorite papaya salad with chilies, peanuts and shrimp! No cooking necessary for papaya salad. The cook just grinds the flavors together in a wooden bowl using a wooden mallet. You can’t go too far without seeing a papaya salad stand. Don’t leave Thailand without trying it. But remember, like Bangkok, it’s hot, hot, hot!


As stated before, Bangkok is no country kitchen! This Thai city has food aplenty for each and every taste and, with a world-class flair. So let’s survey some of the more delectable eateries broken down by location.


    Tony Roma’s – Bring a wide open gut and gullet for this one. Tony Roma’s boasts some of the meatier servings of Americana fare this side of Texas. Located in a lively part of lower Sukhumvit, Tony Roma’s greets the hungry traveler with burgers, steaks, salads and a scrumptious onion ring appetizer that’s a meal in itself.

    Al Hussain – This restaurant can be found huddled in the center of what is known as Little Arabia. Spicy curries and fresh naan bread are the cornerstone of this Indian café.

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