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  2. where did you get a picture of my doors?
  3. Trump being absurd or what some call "creative" will be the connection.
  4. Thanks for replies think he has all info needed now. Appreciated
  5. The taxi driver in this picture promised to take me from pattaya to sathorn bangkok for 1500 bath. He ran out of gas and told me he had no money for gas. Software in payed the 1500 bath at the outskirts of bangkok. Then he said his car broke down and i could take another cab free of charge. The onherroepelijk cab off course wasnt free of charge and het drove off. HIS NAME IS : THAPSIRI WICHAN! DONT GET IN HIS CAB. HE WILL RIP YOU OFF!
  6. Was Trump the president when these things were raided, if not then how is it part of his America first program?
  7. Thanks for sharing a 2 year old post about Pattaya.
  8. "to name just a few"......... yep, but islam isn't helping is it? Just add it to your list. Ignoring one problem in the face of another doesn't mean the other problem doesn't exist. However the topic is about how the Thai view muslims not global warming. I personally think that Thai nationalist identity is a good defence agsinst islamification unlike the cowering, supplicating politicians in the UK. Allowing Sharia councils is the first step on a very slippery slope. IMHO.
  9. Do I read you correctly, Langkawi is tax-free?? I did not know that. So drinking in bars and restaurants there is cheaper than Thailand? Can you quote some examples please H.
  10. You didn't find anything with your search because option to buy is something that is not very common here. This is for a number of reasons: 1. Any money you hand over is unsecured. The owner can keep your money and you would have to go to Court to resolve things, which costs money and takes years. 2. An owner will not transfer the property to you until the final payment is made. They also will not allow you to put an encumbrance on the property deed. As you can see, you are at risk again. 3. You have to wire in the amount that is declared at the time of sale, or the assessed value, whichever is higher. If you pay money prior to this, the amount of money to cover the sake/assessed price still needs to be wired in. (You could cover this by wiring in the money at the start of the deal). 4. This is not an option for new properties. It's 100 per cent sale or nothing. 5. On the other hand, there are owners if used property who would take this deal. You just have to trust them with your money, because you will get nothing until you complete.
  11. Please have a look here and add the guys that will never be found because they might be under someone's rice field. The first photo shows the poor German guy after his motorcycle accident. It's a never ending list and you get some usually more and better-researched details.
  12. Homebrew explosion coming up.
  13. Hope this may help. Gives you details of cost and experience of pregnancy in Thailand.
  14. Macron is pretty, so he should get the (quite large) gay vote....
  15. MAD was a semi-viable concept when two parties were involved. Given nowadays proliferation, the chances for "oops!" are way up. Not sure that's the road to go. I don't think the PRC is looking for a fight - economic or otherwise. There's nothing to be gained, at least not at the cost involved. Also, pretty sure they are not as confident of success or unaware of risks. Those harping on the PRC armed forces supposed advances, may wish to consider that their actual combat experience is minimal. Whereas the US....yeah. And no, fighting insurgents isn't the same as fighting a "real" war.
  16. Why do you want to know what bike he was riding?
  17. Well Leo. The blue / orange tax sticker tax issue was published / discussed in the Big Chilli Magazine years ago... The government is renowned for changing things at the drop of a hat.....
  18. It is clearly stated on the DWP website and when you apply for your pension. If people are too lazy to read it they can only blame themselves. If you are retiring overseas, you obviously check your pension figures and when you do, you are told.
  19. Yes I get your point but when Thais read or see on the news about muslims killing school teachers because they are teaching girls they may get a sour taste for there kind. These stories are not manufactured.
  20. Dumbastheycome, you are correct, a zero would have made 200 years of US invasions more plausible. But I meant that in the last 20 -30 years, China has been building trade relations on a non judgemental but purely economic reasoning. They have not waved their military around too much. They saved money and have now built a shield around their country, much in the same way that the US and Russia have done for decades. The US but not many others are hysterical. Their total control power base is being eroded. Who cares that China now has a military force in the South China Sea. They still rely on trade and all trading ships will be let through. Much as the US has military bases all around the world. Unsustainable but they cling to power. And at the very heart of the matter, that is what it is all about. Clinging tenuously to power.
  21. You will need interpreter @ UK immigration, which in staffed by multi racialists , with no british ancestory . Welcome ?
  22. Why has this been posted? This is utterly disrespectful.
  23. Welcome to the forums! You definitely cannot get an METV at any consulate near Thailand. The METV is not comparable to the double/triple entry tourist visas that used to be available in the region. Officially, the METV can only be applied for in your home country, or a country where you have long-term residence. Possibly, they might issue you an METV in Australia, but a trip home to the US will likely be necessary. It is pretty easy to get SETVs at multiple consulates near Thailand. You can certainly try using a few visa exempt entries. Back-to-back visa exempt entries are frowned upon, and you will definitely not be allowed more than two if crossing back into Thailand by land. I recommend you plan on primarily using single entry tourist visas, mixing in the odd visa exempt entry if it becomes seriously inconvenient to get a visa on rare occasions.
  24. Yes, and my advice would be to go exchange your foreign currency at the Superrich exchange counter on the basement level of Suwa' airport, next to the bus station. There or one of the bank counters next to them, in my experience they seem to offer the same exchange rates. Significantly better rates than at any bank branch in town and way better than at the bank exchange desks on the arrivals floor. I know that you can get even better rates at the Superrich main branch downtown, but that's too much of a hassle for me, so I use the counter at Suwa'. It's kind of a pain to get back to the arrivals level after this, you have to use an overcrowded elevator and waste a lot of time. For some reason they won't let you use the ramps back to there.
  25. "Everyone knows that your pension is frozen" I never knew till long after I came to stay in Thailand. I believe that the majority of people in the UK don't know either. It is not a thing that the government would want everyone to know about, is it?
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