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  2. I don't smoke and always take care of myself, yet I have loose skin on the lower abs, noticeable once I lost all the fat. It's pretty obvious on the buttocks and inner thighs too (I'm 57). What about your neck? I'd be very surprised if you cannot detect loosening of the skin at various places around your body in your 50's. If not, congratulations, you've defied one of the major signs of aging.
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  4. Cause he cant spell Chevvriolet puraps.
  5. Myanmar – Mandalay. Sagyin - handicraft center - continued. This picture concludes my series of impressions on he handicraft center. I hope you enjoyed.
  6. Indeed, a large bag (1 kg?) of washers (no, I'm not going to count them) was another 90 Baht. Maybe I should start calling this place "The 90 Baht Shop" :)
  7. Same here. I have emailed several Thai companies to either enquire about buying something from them, or having some work done. In English, not Thai, but I never even got any replies.
  8. Nothing justifies the pr1ck from acting as he did either At what point was there a 'shunt'- this all started over a 'beep' - I guess that's OK is it? No one forced the motorbike to come alongside- both were committing an offence by crossing the solid line. When the car pulled across he could have fallen back but that's not 'Thai youth style' is it? This thuglet shout be taken round the back of the monkeyhouse and given a good slap. As it is both drivers are being charged but the mb driver should be done for the kicking the car or intimidation as well.
  9. While I applaud your idea- I think it would be difficult administer and it would need paid administration and paid marketing to entice enough expats to 'buy in'. It would also need th status of a non profit organization which if I am not mistaken still is subject to a Thai yearly audit and taxed at certain levels. I really thing to start such an endeavor- you would need seed money of at least $1million US ad possibly allowing funds to build up for 2 years before anything could be paid out. The hard part would be convincing expats that it was legitimate and also convince hospitals to accept the Organization as legitimate and that it will pay. Lots of marketing; advertising and personal contact with a variety of stakeholders. Could it work- yes but a tough sell.
  10. It has already been identified by another FM that the bike has ABS so there would be no skid marks. However, the rider did nothing wrong and I would challenge any motorbike rider to do other than this guy did. The parents are 100% to blame and will carry this guilt with them for the rest of their lives.
  11. Have a look at to get a feeling about the renting market. Then drive around and get lower rents by direct contact. It's a buyiers market so you will have no problem to get a good deal.
  12. Shallow well = borehole? I'm not sure if you can use this kind of pump for a borehole. But if the pump must suck water from below the level of the pump, you must make sure the pip is always full with water, so you will need a non-return valve ( footer valve ) on the end of the pip, else they get only air to suck and no water. Also for the first time you start the pump, you must fill the pump and the pip with water.
  13. At airports there is no official rule that limits the number of visa exempt exempt you can do over any amount of time or the total stay on them. The 6 entry alert is only meant to inform the officer that he should review your history of entries to determine it they are out/in visa runs. Since the first of the year there is a new rule that you can only do two visa exempt entries per calendar year at land border crossings. There is also no 15 day entry rule at border crossings. All nationalities get a 30 day entry.
  14. Loic Blejean & Tad Sargent - Fañch's Cider [2014 live]
  15. Didn't say he had - just answered someone's question directly.
  16. Errr, when I like stuff If someone replies to something I posted with an answer that doesn't require anything more than 'thanks' then the like is like a 'thanks' I guess. Something that makes me laugh or I think is good/entertaining, whatever. Something that is useful, a lot of info, even if it's not info for me but relevant for the thread then I'd often like that as someone went to the trouble of assisting someone or answering their queries. Something someone else asked that may be of use to me too.
  17. What Hitchens didn't understand (and Dawkins too come to that) is that religion only poisons everything from an intellectual atheistic perspective - and being an intellectual atheist, his observation was therefore more egocentric than it was dispassionate and objective. I'm also an intellectual atheist, but not an egocentric one, and I can recognise that religion is necessary for the simple-minded masses. Without it they will run amok. There's no question of 'eradicating' religion - at least not until we have evolved into a different species (we have entered the post-human era, but there are centuries to go) - so even railing about religion intellectually is ignorant. Regarding Dhammakaya, if the establishment tries to eradicate it, they will only give the entire movement the cachet of martyrdom.
  18. Definitely hard to come by. I have one in the BBL Bang Kapi Branch and wanted a larger box. No bigger ones available, and the available boxes of the same size are reserved for 'VIP customers" ie. requiring a minimum 5 million baht permanent deposit. I've tried to get a safety box in Klaeng/Rayong/Ban Phe but either (a) none are available; or (b) I would need to purchase one of those bl**dy 'insurance' products (you know - the ones always pushed by the bank staff since they receive substantial commissions). Appreciate any suggestions about getting a safety box in Klaeng, Rayong or Ban Phe without the coersion
  19. Look at Nevada, cash in!! Try and be a dog when you are a cat (house)! Soon pot will be legal, just tax it all!
  20. Naam You were absolutely correct about the dog. I think it would have been 'bad Dobermanners'not to have mentioned it.
  21. Yes, of course.
  22. Destiny 1990 Oh,my misguided op.You are so wrong.There is lots of stuff going on in KK.There are bars just like Patts,there are girls just like Patts,but not so in your face.You have to know where they are.As for Karaoke bars,i have never stepped foot in one not here or in Patts.And the beer is a lot cheaper here.I pay for a beer, the 640 one what you pay for a 330.I lived in patts for 16 years and had 2 bars,so dont run away with the idea that i'm an idiot.KK is great.It aint Udon And it aint Chang Mai.It has a famous university and museums.We havent gat any of the Chinese Locust's or Russian's or ivory coast boiler room boys like Patts has.I live in a beautiful European Bungalow,not some shit hole of a wooden house with bugs and rats everywhere.The Village locals like me and i have a number of weddings to go to this year.We have Village party's and all the booze and food is all free.Do you get that in Patts? I have a mechanic just down the road who will supply and fit new brakes all round for 1500 baht.How much does that cost in Patts?And yest the 7 is great,the staff are polite and its handy to have it.We only have the one.Patts has one every 25 yards.We made our money in Patts and sold up at the right time.Life is good here with no worries. Whats your life like in Patts? i bet its wonderful, with the murders and rapes and shootings and the corrupt as F### police.I can have and do anything i like here. So you can keep your acidic little remark about 7's and karaoke's, its for the birds. Oh, and by the way,i failed to mention that most of the empty property was just out of Pattaya.As i got closer to KK the buildings seemed to be more occupied. Not many empty on the KK road. Maybe people think that KK is not just 7's and Karaokes? You know? i was in Patts for 2 hours, and i remembered why we left. Have a very nice day.I know i will.
  23. Having a proper helmet on is bound to draw attention. if you are going to carry out construction work every day then: 1. dont start until 11am 2. wear sunglasses and flip flops 3. dissappear at 12 for lunch 4. return at 2pm and realise you forgot to get the red bull 5.piss about trying to repair your tools for an hour 6. at 4pm call it a day because you have been busy. its worked for me, every day for 3 years building my house, just another 3 to go
  24. Without starting a new thread, this one is almost on point. How does it work if you rent long term a condo in a block like the Q Condo or Condotel and the owner is a Thai or foreigner who lives abroad or elsewhere in the country. How do you sort out with immigration the paperwork when they is acting through an agent or does the agent have the authority to go to immigration with you to prove residency?
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