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  2. This is the most fair, accurate and balanced article I've seen yet of Pattaya's sex tourism. Well done Reuters!
  3. Yes, you sound extremely mean, bossy and crabby. I'm always very polite and rarely if ever have trouble with BKK taxi drivers in the last 7 years. Join my world and chill out!!
  4. Coming soon to your country like get ready to be manhandled in the same manner. Like the girl in the picture don't wear a short skirt when the Putin police grab or your local police mafia grab you they may grab tooo high up the thigh. Its also a distraction to good honest police trying to do their job. Glad to explain.
  5. Inventing Ones Own Might Not Be Such A Bad Idea if you consider the RDA recommendations for vitamins and minerals. 80-90 mg for Vitamin C is a joke. Enough to stop you getting really sick, but not to full health..... It should be more like 5,000+ taken in smaller doses over the whole day, just like we would have got when our bodies could make it's own Vit C. The "Alternative" people often use large doses of vitamins and minerals to alleviate many modern diseases. I'm not saying that people should do this in the face of advice from their MD, always good to find out what pills are available. But everyone is different, there is no one size fits all.
  6. I would agree that a prenup is a new concept to the Thais. In other words, if the OP puts this piece of paper in front of his soon-to-be-wife, she will read it to mean "I agree to marry you, but as I don't think it will last, I want you to understand that when we divorce, you're getting zilch from me."
  7. Banana7 I admire your tenacity in trying to drag up customers at this complex,however have you heard the term "flogging a dead horse" I,m afraid that,s what you seem to be doing.....good luck though
  8. I don't give a monkeys cuss where they come from, I just hope that they get caught and are punished accordingly.
  9. How Can Uber TELL The Government they WON'T Obey a Direct Order ????
  10. While the Asian Koel is another prolific and much louder night singer, the bird of the OP's recording is a Plaintive Cuckoo, NOT a Koel nor Drongo Cuckoo. For anyone interested in birds, birding, birdwatching and/or basic ornithology, there is a thread called Birds In Your Garden which can be found here:
  11. That I think that is my own personal business, I do still have the life insurance policies though. But, they are not the underwriters.
  12. I had a similar experience with my police station even though it is quite a big station. They flat out denied that any such document had ever been issued there. After a lot of persistence a very junior (but commissioned) officer was found that was aware of the procedure. He asked if I could leave the documents with him for a couple of days because he had never done it before. Stbkk is right. It must be done at the station covering your area.
  13. Tohasang KhongJiam is well worthwhile stopping at if not on a strict budget. I wrote thus on's reviews a couple of years back: Minus point: Often a bit too pricey for all but special occasions but if you can get it at $65 on special or late offer go for it. Plus points: Lovely location on confluence of SE Asia's mightiest river (Mekong) where it joins Thailand's 2nd loveliest river (Mun - Mekong being the first!) Good 4 star hotel with the usual amenities One to impress your family or guests with. Breakfast is excellent and the food for lunch/dinner (though quite expensive) is very good. Restaurant settings are impressive - go there for a special meal if in the area even if you are not staying. The pool is big and clean too btw Worth monitoring the booking sites for it's price - normally about $80 to $100 (2,500 ish baht - for a standard large king bed room - they all overlook the river and have a nice balcony, but you can get cheaper in lower season) I have never found a hotel other than this one in the economy end of the market (600-1,000 baht a night) in Khong Jiam or surrounds that I thought provided the normal value for money that I look for (applies particularly when travelling with extended family and taking more than one room). The Thosang Sedhapura is silly money (typically 12,500 baht) - leave it to those who like throwing money at a wall or who haven't twigged that Isaan is cheap!
  14. Thanks for the replies guys :) I showed photos and I even had a wooden plug with me and showed ... they say they didn't have them... Seems like i asked the wrong people I guess.. They didn't seem interested in helping... God I hate people like that sometimes... I also looked through pretty much every aisle... ofcourse easy to miss i guess.. I will try to find the kitchen cabinet fittings next time :D What do you mean "by the electrical conduit"? You mean next to where they have the electrical conduits?
  15. On a different note... Is this chicken a Jungle Fowl? I have this one and 2 females come visit my orchard (which is near the base of the mountains in Chiang Mai). They come to steal my own chicken's food. They are very flighty and I can't get to the hens to take a photo without them flying off. The rooster I can get about 10 ft away from him. They are small size and fly well. I am in a very rural area.. and lots of forest. Only have 3 neighbours and none of them keep chickens. Thanks.
  16. It would help matters greatly if the amount of people arriving, is equaled by the amount of them leaving alive and unfleeced..
  17. ?????? whats that ? im an ozzie mate .
  18. Oops, sounds like a very illegal enterprise (w/out a WP). But i could be mistaken.
  19. And the article was published in 2015. Must be a slow news day at TV.
  20. Its truly amazing how much abuse voters/people/citizens will take and then come back and lick the hand that beats them. Now Angela fess up did The Donald really give you a bill for 300 billion dollars that was your NATO arrears assessment??
  21. Must be a slow news day...... totster
  22. Yes and so with the current 30 lease on the table foreigners have stopped buying them at all.Look at Phuket Samui lovely villas price range 10-50 million bht will u buy them with only 30 years lease?who will buy it from u if u want to sell such villa after 10 years with only 20 years lease left?result no sales and no resales nothing.
  23. Pizza....for spotty faced youths surely
  24. He is in all the news due to his position and it was seen/photographed by the media. Anyhow well done for trying to save the officer. No doubt others will be honoured for their part in helping victims, they are surely known by the authorities. However they probably won't get the media attention of the MP. Whatever. Well done to all that helped.
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