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  1. Heartbreaking to see such a magnificent animal treated this way, I soon learned not to go to Thai zoos.
  2. I am speechless... Sentenced to death but not a flight risk?!?!? I don't see her going back to her "place of work" for the remaining days/weeks of her life. Who would? Am I on planet Mars or what? I really should drink more before reading the news.
  3. So he tied himself to a pole? What about this for a suggestion; Some one else tied him to the pole, then cut his throat. They took his phone and cards and sent the message and transferred the money via ATM. Wife was suitably far away when it happened. Perfect alibi. Does this make more sense or am I just unnaturally suspicious when living here.
  4. YOU are correct about how to act in a foreign country. However, if you were in my home country you could spit, stomp on, and burn my countries flag in public and you would have the protection of the law for your actions. It's called freedom of expression/speech. If a country does not allow for that then anyone breaking the law in a foreign country should realize the potential gravity of his actions.
  5. Misleading title. The lion didn't "attack him". These false titles seem to be increasing on this site.
  6. I'm sorry, but, "huh!". English is spoken all over the world as first, second and even third languages. Thai is spoken in, well, Thailand. Our illustrious leader has finally lost the plot.
  7. "He said: "And that is not all. Some foreigners are walking down the main street in Pai in bikinis. I know it is a tourist area but there are temples all around there." Tourist season is here and what do Thai's love above all other things. To feel outrage, to believe someone somewhere is disrespecting Thailand, to join together in righteous indignation and loathing egged on by the media and all three political parties that have held office since 1997. It’s a national sport and so much fun !! And where will this all lead to ... basically tourists get tired of it and stop coming, tourists numbers fall and the TAT has to try and find new tourists. Hmm, Maybe under some rocks in Greenland … Before our resident Troll teamers joins the fray to denounce low life tourists and the disrespect, my country has the same tourists and they do stupid things, however the media does not ram it on the television and the front pages of papers and internet. It is generally thought that other news is more important than what numbnuts are doing on vacation. Until Thailand realizes this fact, tourist numbers will continue to drop - my bet is it is too much fun too stop and thai culture gets too much milage on finding disrespect to put the brakes on it.
  8. And the same kamikaze drivers will move over to THOSE larger weapons of destruction? Would someone please explain what is the magic pill in adding five more seats? The drivers and their habits are the elephant in the room that the Transport Ministry seems to be totally blind about. Every government announcement dealing with this crisis pushes the "ridiculous meter" up to another incredibly higher notch. It's like the gov't "experts" are in a hermetically-sealed bubble that cannot be penetrated by logic. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  9. " Other teachers and maids had tried to intervene but no one could stop the new teacher from dishing out the beating. " well they didn't try very hard then did they...
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  11. Sorry, but you are working illegally here and you knew it.. and took the chance. Time to shut it down and get yourself sorted out.
  12. If they are not going to take some type of action when a problem is detected why bother stopping anyone in the first place. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  13. Could it be that these Western men that want to talk with you are just trying to be nice?
  14. This guy is a hero, he, in one single act of bravery has just highlighted "on no uncertain terms" one of the biggest problems with the transport/bus industry, drivers being pushed to the point they cannot function safely and end up going of a cliff ....literally Over worked requiring energy drinks/drugs to keep going - unfortunately absolutely nothing will happen because every solution to every problem on Thailands roads requires investment and some sort of level of standards and enforcement, exactly why this country is still 3rd world even though it thinks it's the hub of SE Asia in everything.....it isn't
  15. The negative was that he just left them. The positive is that he knew he was tired and stopped. THAT is unheard of in Thailand.
  16. Anyone who says that foreigner should pay more since they have more money is basically saying that it is ok to scam people. Since when is it ever ok to scam people? Be it 10 baht or 100 baht or 1000baht... a scam is a scam. Better to walk away and give your business to honest people.
  17. Makin' a runner without anyone being hurt or killed! This guy is my hero...somehow... Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  18. How can you possibly state there is 'no serious tsunami in the near future' ? Can hardly predict the weather let alone earthquakes.
  19. First of all the problem's not the number of vans, It's how the idiots DRIVE!
  20. As an old EMT, I would like to point out to some of the responders here, you are jerks Ambulance should ALWAYS have right of way, in fact you should pull over even if it is coming from the opposite direction.... Remember, likely one day it Will be your sorry patute on the gurney.... Anyone who obstructs an ambulance should be jailed and car impounded for a good long stretch
  21. So I hope she'll be going to prison. If you wanna kick someone in the head, try the husband. He was the one doing the dirty.
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  23. Certainly if you were living here and paying taxes, you would be able to get a loan just like in any other country. Your creditors don't have access to your business that is not in Thailand if you decide to default. This is basic 101 economy which as a poor immigrant to Canada I learned on the 2nd day. Your rant is completely unjustified.
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  25. Well, knowing the way Thai schools operate, she will probably receive a reprimand and be back teaching after a short vacation. OTOH she ought to be arrested for grievous bodily harm. I am sure many members on this forum with children in school would be having more than a quiet word with this creature.
  26. Biggest disappointment of my visit. I tell everyone about the trash in my first moment or two of my Thailand impression. Trash everywhere including the beaches, roadsides, yards, just unimaginable and the scuba diving sucks.
  27. “…understanding why it’s done and remembering that it’s not intended as an insult toward you, personally. It’s quite normal to have an emotional reaction to dual-pricing. Victims report feeling singled out, rejected, judged, stereotyped or even violated by episodes of dual pricing…The professor noted that it’s not worthwhile to get angry with institutional staff that employ a dual price system. They didn’t create the policy and may not even agree with it.” Ah Yes....The same reasoning and use of the "educated" that was used to justify slavery and apartheid in the past and continues to be used to justify their equivalents in the present fishing industry. Racism is racism, exploitation is exploitation, no matter how one tries to spin it for the sake of the profiteers.
  28. This is a joke right? Please tell me it's a joke, not even the Thai police could be such fools. They vehicle should have immediately been slapped with a defect notice, put straight of the road and the driver fined for using a vehicle that doesn't comply with the standards of registration. The defect notice can't be removed until everything is fixed and a roadworthy certificate obtained.
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  30. The week that was in Thailand news: Thai children and the end of English dominance. I have always subscribed to the view that Thais are like children. It has held me in good stead over the years especially on those occasions when it was necessary to ditch my staid northern hemisphere upbringing and have a good giggle with the supposed adults of the kingdom. And so it was yesterday as the whole country – young and old alike – turned out for Children’s Day. Twenty dinosaurs were brought in to wow the kids at Government House – no they were not past prime ministers or even present ones but, we were told, creatures who roamed the earth before even Thais began. I could barely believe there was such a time. However, after a lovely day with the children – my own real, wide-eyed little ones that is – I was left to reflect that Thais really did take the role of playing the juvenile a tad too seriously this week. Top billing went to the general PM himself for a story that topped the charts on the Thaivisa forum as he suggested that Thai language may well be the “lingua franca” of the world in the future usurping that tired old imperial English. He didn’t give a timeframe for this new world dominance but I assumed it must be twenty years – along the lines of the eradication of corruption that is also proceeding so well, according to his advisers. Giving as his reasons were some top quality and refreshing childlike reasoning – there are only 44 consonants, lots more vowels than English and Thai words can mean so many things. Oh you mean like Rooster means “cock” too. Understood, sir. I get it now! Still, like my three year old, he means well and at least we didn’t have a toddler’s tantrum this week – that was not until he threw the toys out of the pram regarding who said what after his audience with His Majesty over some constitutional amendments. Apoplectic Prayut couldn’t believe the temerity of reporters in quoting his exact words. Perhaps he was ascribing to the oft spouted view that you should never take a Thai at face value – there is always a hidden truth. Forum comment had already been rife earlier in the week as apart from the hoo-ha over the Thai language came the story about the Thai flag and the two Italian ‘children’ caught ripping several of them down in Krabi. Foreigners seemed as indignant as the Thais and it will be interesting to see what penalty the tourists will have to pay or serve. My guess is it will be pay but let’s hope, like children, they learn their lesson and perhaps appreciate later that it was just as well the flags were red white and blue and not yellow. And just as well, too, it was flags and not a picture they had vandalized. Some have enjoyed rice porridge for a considerable time for that. Behaving worse children were officials in the South who denied that a five meter long crocodile had escaped in downtown Nakorn Sri Thammarat. Just like a five year old who cannot imagine the consequences, here we had grown men finally admitting that “Nadia” was on the loose. They didn’t want to spook the public, they said, but, hey, never mind if the odd child was eaten. And I loved the name Nadia – if anything does go wrong they can always blame the Russians! Talking of which, we also had the horror of two farangs bathing butt naked in the river in Pai – ok they might not have been Russians but who gives a monkeys especially as all foreigners look alike and speak that olde worlde English language thing. But my goodness, the indignation from the locals! Reminded me of those many occasions with when I’ve been with Thais at beach resorts and they see westerners sunbathing in their birthday suits – strange how they just can’t keep their eyes from looking! Especially Thai women. To wit forum poster ‘LomSak27’ gets my award for the pertinent observation of the week after mentioning how much the locals love to feel outrage: “Thai culture gets too much mileage on finding disrespect to put the brakes on it’. Indeed, yet another occasion when Thais would rather stare than flee the scene and when the brakes just seemed to fail again. Also in the realms of the childlike was the absurdity of the story that capital punishment might be used for public officials caught fiddling for – er, let’s pluck a figure from the sky – one billion baht. Lawmakers themselves suggesting such a thing! It was a bit like a father telling his child that the punishment for lying was no more supper, ever again. Anyway, there will only be a conviction if it is the abject poor who do the embezzling and that, as the Thai language promoting PM might put it, is “Catch Yee-sip song”. Calls for the ultimate penalty are also being made for the Bangkok robbers who murdered a man last week for his iPhone. We were told this week that the case is being expedited but the fact remains that no one has been executed here since 2009 and even Amnesty International says when ten years has passed without its use then for all intents and purposes it doesn’t exist anymore. Expect to see the phrase ‘commuted to life imprisonment on admission’ once again. Two massive stories dominated the Thai press this week and received their share of attention on Thaivisa. These – unsurprisingly – both had juicy connections with the constabulary. The first was the continuing scandal of the entrance exams for top positions in the metropolitan police. Plod is desperately trying to blame everyone except their own and pathetically paraded a Pathumwan official who conveniently admitted to charging 400,000 baht a head to cheating candidates. Of course, he acted alone. Perhaps this was the only time someone actually acted as an adult this week by doing the right thing and not dobbing in his mates. But, like the words of a child, no one is likely to give them much credence in the circumstances. Cheating is so engrained in Thai exams of all kinds that it is a wonder they bother with the pretense of tests. Surely it would be better and less time consuming to just hold an auction for the police, school places or even driving licenses. The second rozzer-related story was the alleged abduction of the Bangkok “tom” found buried in a deserted resort in Kanchanaburi. A superintendent from Ratchaburi told met chief Sanit that he had asked some mates to “teach her a lesson”. Sanit first indicated he ‘bought’ that story by which I mean he believed it, not got paid for accepting it. But then he seemed to take a toddle down an evidential pathway for it now looks as though the super is in some serious “nam rorn” along with perhaps half a dozen others as more suspects spill the beans. The errant cop is probably thinking, despite the exams, you just can’t get the staff these days. My final word this week on the guardians of law and order concerns the incident where a traffic cop was helping some children over the road when a car hit him and revved off. It is a national disgrace not that the matter happened at a zebra crossing or that the impatient driver was a policeman. The disgrace is that no one was in the least surprised. Also not surprising was the shenanigans ” going on in Koh Samet. Several forum posters were taken in by the “crackdown” praising everyone from the new set of “upright” park officials to the junta for their “decisive action”. The reality is most operators are just being asked to pull down a bungalow or two that has encroached too near the sand. It is typical Thai face saving and only a Thai newbie, or dare I say a child, will be taken in by it. Most Thais themselves, having grown up to a point with such nonsense, certainly won’t be. And so to this week’s Rooster awards. The “Choice of Words” award goes to UK Prime Minister Theresa Thatcher, I think it is. She gave out a “Point of Light” commendation to the honorary consul of Chiang Mai. Shouldn’t that be “Beacon of Light?” I got the impression that the poor gentleman was so far away from helping anyone in distress that he was just a faint glimmer in some dark corner of the cosmos. Not the case, said forum regular and former top poster winner ‘NancyL’ who spoke of the consul’s good deeds. Makes a change from most British embassy personnel who usually manage just a few rubbers of tennis and some slurps of Pimms to justify their fat salaries. The “Making the Most of Your Assets” award goes to the acumen laden and busty hairdresser in Klaeng who cried foul after pictures of cleavage rather than clippers adorned the internet. “I’m not a slapper. It was after work. That was my nephew”, she wailed. But hey, the indignation soon gave way as the “all round” publicity was boosting business! Finally, FIFA’s decision to expand the 2026 soccer World Cup from 32 to 48 teams had the Thai sports authorities optimistic that the national team would now qualify for the quadrennial showpiece. Some chance. Sweet FA. Rooster -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-01-14
  31. Hey TAT!!! I am actually smiling right now. In fact, I am rolling on the floor trying desperately to not pee in my pants from laughter. Which Thai smile are you talking about? The one given while being scammed or the one when they know the foreigner doesn't understand that they are being ridiculed or the one that the police uses when it's time to issue a bogus traffic ticket or the one that......
  32. Gosh I am appalled, truly the most terrible thing that has happened in LOS this week.
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  34. Your post is insane and disgusting for all bikers in LOS and all around the world. And for the human race. What did this guy do to you that you even call him an idiot after his tragic accident? I feel very sorry for his relatives and friends and wish there'd be one less idiot behind the keyboard. Have you ever ridden a big bike and know the feeling? You don't have to, keep on hiding behind your keyboard.
  35. They can collect it all and take it inland and then dump it on the mountains of garbage next to the incinerator that officials have not repaired or maintained for years ... Corruption , blame , and neglect ...
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  37. Meryl Streep is an extremely accomplished actor and deserving of the awards and accolades she has received, including this one. Her remarks were measured and specific and it's hard to disagree with her about the number of immigrants that were in the room and their contribution to the arts. The fact that Trump would bully a handicapped person is deplorable beyond believe and the words she chose to express it are true. His behavior and supporting his actions is deplorable. Congratulations on your win Meryl.
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  39. So. ..who had a gun at the party for her to borrow? More relevantly, why?
  40. Who can blame the Lion,I would be pissed too, chained to the floor with a 2 foot chain,these places that show animals this way need to be closed, its the mindset of the past,along with bull,bear baiting, regards worgeordie
  41. It's kind of sad that displaying the natural human body seems to generate more reaction and outrage than beating small children and failing to investigate obvious corruption.
  42. the parasites got bit, "silly farang why did you go and have to die we were doing ok bleeding, you dry. "
  43. They did not need to mention that in any statement, but it would show where their priority lies, if it was said.
  44. As moronic as he is! the company should have provided 2 drivers for this distance but no that's too expensive and very probably the school wanted the cheapest (not the safest option)
  45. Why should tourists from developed countries spend their holiday cleaning up after the Thais? I observe daily Thais leaving their foam or plastic bag food containers where they have finished eating outside including empty bottles (too lazy to place it somewhere in s bin). --A huge government marketing campaign & education in Thai schools ( the future adults of Thailand) about not littering & caring about the environment. --For some reason Buddhism in Thailand does not connect to respecting the environment.
  46. Oh God - I am sick and tired of this unrelenting nationalistic propaganda. Yes, we all know: Thailand is perfect. Thailand is the best place in the world. Thailand is uniquely beautiful. The Thais are a fun-filled, laughing and loving, loyal and sincere people. Thailand has discovered the cure for AIDS, cancer, heart disease, stroke ... on and on. And Thais NEVER would dream of raping and murdering innocent tourists on their charming Thai islands - and pinning the blame on powerless Burmese servants. Well done students: your film is at the cutting edge of questioning the country you live in. If as a student you tow the party line to this extent - what the hell are you going to be like when you are fifty? Right! Fascism and Dictatorship are cool, cool, cool. Let's have more of it (say these wonderful, critically-thinking, prize-winning students). And Thailand can be the proud hub of all that wonderful political enlightenment and progress. Yeah! Let's make some videos about how all the foreigners just love fascism and autocracy. Bring it on!
  47. for anyone living in the UK, it is easy to see how things have changed in a few short years, cut backs everywhere, hospitals struggling to cope, pay freezes, ages for pensions being extended ahead of time, lack of road repairs, prison overcrowding, local government service cut, street lighting, refuse collection, police, fire and other emergency service, lots of the things that have taken since the 2nd world war to build the country into the great nation, are being destroyed, respect for others, teachers police etc. respect for the things around, streets, countryside. it is easy to blame outsiders that are arriving in the UK, who are coming for the good things, not to give but to take. They believe the UK is paved with gold, and they want some of those paving slabs, they are coming to get away from the bad things in their own countries, instead of fighting by any means possible to improve that country.They do not want to mix, learn the language, integrate, they are wanting changes to the laws of the land, they are working off the books, driving vehicles registered abroad illegally in the UK, and generally not playing cricket. maybe these immigrants are to blame maybe not, but it is the right of Uk nationals to have their opinion, multiculturalism has been forced on them by successive governments, who have changed the UK from being a member of a common market to being member of a united states of Europe. so to call these people xenophobic Brits is not correct, they have just had enough, they want a change, be that change, good for the UK, or be it bad, that is something that remains to be seen, but it is something that the people have the right to choose, or in fact demand I agree that the UK is going down the pan, but not because of the things that are about to happen, but because of the things that have happened over the last 20 or so years. And this demand for change is spreading.
  48. Waiting for those old-timers of Thaivisa to come out talking about their own glory days of being whipped by the headmaster and how it did them a lot of good. Hopefully the new teacher is punished with jail time and forever banned from a classroom. Maybe she can find a job as a dominatrix somewhere.
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  50. I'm just back from a three month motorbike tour of Vietnam. The mountain areas are more beautiful than Thailand and free to see. The places that do charge give a lot more for a lot less than Thailand. An example, entrance fee, buggy ride and a cable car ride up a beautiful mountain and back is less than entrance to Khao Yai! There is no obvious double pricing. If the Thai government were in charge they would make everywhere a national park with 10 fold price differences for the visitors. After riding for hours i could stop and have a nice cold beer after 2pm! None of the stupidity that rules in Thailand. Thailand is not the center of the tourism world and if they want more tourists spending money, they should take a look at what is happening in neighbouring countries. Vietnam is booming! They are spending huge amounts on the infrastructure, it offers more for less.