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  1. Never had this issue - I simply don't go. All foreigners should do likewise if they want to see 'farang price' stopped.
  2. And this is exactly how a bunch of shysters managed to get rid of Andrew Drummond. They piled numerous spurious complaints against him, becasue he was revealing who these con men were, and what they were doing. Each rubbish complaint required hundres of thousands of baht in bail, and they kept doing it until he ran out of money and had to leave to stay out of jail. The BBC is known for its impartiality and accurate, well researched journalism. Thieves do not like being brought into the spotlight, and this is simply an attempt to shut Jonathan up, so they can continue to screw people over. I agree that Thailands laws on defamation and Computer crimes are utterly absurd and really only benefit, in their current form, predominantly those the laws are supposed to protect the innocent public from.
  3. It's frustrating that the story posted seems to completely gloss over the allegation that either the girlfriend (or someone close to her) basically stole 480,000 baht of this guy's money. I think it is too hard to pre judge this guy too much. Yeah sure he looks a complete fool on the surface, but when you look a little closer it could be that his life savings, or at least a good chunk thereof has been stolen from him. Now there is almost no recourse for him, he is too old to work & earn it back, and actually retrieving the money through the courts I'd guess would be an equally costly, stressful, and arduous venture for a man of his age, and knowing how the justice system operates here, a complete gamble at best. I don't for a second condone arson or property destruction. But I can feel a degree of sympathy for a man who probably now feels he is at rock bottom. Some of the comments on the video TV had of this incident on their facebook page were disgusting. Kicking a man when he's down is as immoral as it gets imo. Remember, this could very well happen to any of us living here, and while the going is good it is very easy to lose sight of that fact, and be blinded by it.
  4. And these imbaciles believe they have created the environment to encourage foreign investment.
  5. So the tourist got away without paying the full amount he was owed ? Why wasn't he arrested for trying to do a runner on his tab ?
  6. While I don't condone violence, she did have good reason to be angry. If all is as she says then the guy is clearly at fault to a degree. Not sure he deserved a shoe in the face but he gets no sympathy from me.
  7. Replacing the 'outdated' police themselves with new ones would be a better idea.
  8. No I do not but I do understand that people sometimes get in a situation where it was out of their control. This is a forum to to help people not to be abuse them because of your own personal opinions and biases.
  9. There is a reason that it is being decriminalized in many more countries than you think.
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  11. The filthy rich Thais in their Benz pay also the same rate as the 'poor' Thai, how does that make sense? Thai middle class is on the rise, dual pricing doesn't make sense, but it seems state sponsored in Thailand. When will they wake up and smell the coffee?
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  13. Surely this is a reserved occupation in Thailand; only Thais can carry out this sort of work?
  14. I always hate to read "the car lost control" instead of "the bloody stupid driver lost control of the innocent car".
  15. The mentality of these people bewilders me.......people in these positions can't be this stupid........can they?
  16. No mention here of an apology from Thai Visa whose original headline on the main thread was certainly pointing towards the "cheap charlie" theory.
  17. It is illegal because the pharmaceutical companies can't make any money out of it
  18. Fortunately they've made enough already to pay for their own funeral! Rest in Shame!
  19. The biggest cleanup needed to improve Thailand's image is within the RTP. Thousands of gogo bars and brothels across the country and they pick 2 or 3 in Pattaya? Yet send 3500 troops to arrest one rogue monk.
  20. Posts haranguing the OP for her overstay have been removed. She came here for help not to be abused for it. All further such posts will be removed without notice.
  21. natural wonders I would point out there are many "unnatural wonders" in Soi 6 and elsewhere
  22. Sure...turn a blind eye to all the Thais that invade Emporium Mall on petchaburi road, or the stalls across the street, or the little unnamed mall a few meters away, or... Let's blame the tourist. So much easier.
  23. She married a criminal and lived a life of luxury on his dirty money, she should just disappear quietly back to her village.
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  25. The Thai's can cover the sea floor with garbage, factory discharges, filth and rotted sewage which would deny natural food sources for the fish but that's OK.
  26. Drunk driving in Pattaya, bail 20'000 to 40'000 Baht, 10'000 fine. Feeding fish, bail 100'000 Baht. They are cracking up
  27. This a lot more than just Krabi..it highlights the unpopular dual pricing system and shows how it is counterproductive. THis is NOT how you make money out of tourists, this is how you project Thailand and a niggardly, money-grabbing nation. The sooner they change the whole policy the better.
  28. When Thais con Farungs, why are they not referred to as "shameful low life Thais?"
  29. Come on , he was driving with traffic. The parents are looney for pushing the pram into traffic like that. They need to take responsibility for being morons.
  30. Easy answer. Agree with your wife but let her and the villagers take care of it. The last thing that would help is you adding your twopence worth. Let the local Abbot sort it out. It's a Thai cultural thing so keep out as much as possible.
  31. Bring this into the international light. Let foreigners see that investing money here is a massive gamble and the house always wins.
  32. love it! They still think it is reasonable to charge foreigners only 5 times more instead of 10 times more. Personally i rarely go into anything if they charge me more than a Thai, especially if they try to be tricky and write the Thai price in Thai script.
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  34. I find that 80 percent of the working girls you call "hookers" are rural and uneducated with two kids (living with ma and pa) to support. I do not find them morally defective in any way. I think they would say that they will do whatever is necessary to care for their families. I would trust women in this category. There may be 20 percent (that percentage I suspect is a bit high), who are turned on by the lifestyle, the money, the dangers involved, etc.) I would avoid getting involved with one of this group.
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  36. He didnt appear to be speeding to me, I think the pram appearing in front of him was probably as big a shock to him. While I dont condone his actions, I think the parents should shoulder the majority of the blame here.
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  38. Good luck Mr. Head. You really stepped on a hornets nest with this story. Exposes so many Thai scams in one story. Can't have that.
  39. Absolutely disgusting I hope this gets the worldwide media attention it deserves.
  40. Thais are clever. They say. So this incident cannot be caused by stupidity. Logic conclusion: They want to finish with tourism. Thailand to the Thais only. Let them reap what they sow
  41. If the lady is speaking the truth he is a right dyck for coming up with an argument like that.
  42. Tell your wife that in your culture having sex in an unfinished house brings happiness. It means that the house, even when not finished, already has a warm and inviting aura over it. Tell her not to spend money on monks otherwise they may take the before mentioned aura away and a healthy and pleasurable sexlife will never ever happen there again even ones the place is finished. No happiness wil ever live there anymore. Hope this helps. Ps. Flustered suggestion sounds good too by the way.
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  44. Why not spend your valuable time getting those road rage warriors off the highway for speeding, killing people and the like instead of this crap. No wonder why the academics are criticizing the police.
  45. Yeah, there's a reason all right. In the US it was based on a moral panic when Mexican immigrants brought with them the custom of smoking cannabis, a substance that had always been legal before in the US and considered a harmless ingredient in various over the counter medications sold in drugstores. Of course when the Mexicans (not to mention "Negroes") became associated with it suddenly it became dangerous and had to be prohibited. It also gave the government a good reason to throw Mexicans and Black people into prison. The rest of the world followed for the most part making it illegal due to pressure from the US. So, yes, there's a reason its illegal - racism and the US forcing other countries to adopt stupid policies, back in the days when it had the power to do so. I actually don't use the stuff myself (well, very rarely), but I think marijuana prohibition policy is ridiculous and outdated. It is now legal in several US states and will probably be so soon across Canada, so Thailand is simply trying to keep up with the times.
  46. Oh no its a work permit thread. The armchair judges are pondering, 10 pages to follow.
  47. best advertizing for tourism in Thailand ever !! keep it up! maybe the boss of the Ministry of Tourism will see that she's got some more urgent work to do than a crusade against sin, lol.
  48. Intriguing that the law here allows for a child to be jailed for 5 years for dancing in her school uniform yet we are led to believe that killing several people by driving a car without a licence when you are underage does not require a prison sentence because Thailand does not punish children that severely.
  49. Was always annoying the dual pricing living in Thailand. As a holiday maker now I'll give Krabi a miss along with Koh Tao for obvious reasons. Had an argument with her when I had to pay 200 thb for Samet, she didn't understand it's the principle and not the cost.
  50. Would suggest getting a couple of guard dogs, but they might do the same.