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    Well 1 thing Minister you won't be getting 400 baht from this little black duck or any foreign tourists that visit me !
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    Four hundred baht to be able to experience nature that has been trashed by the many pigs that visit the parks and throw their trash all over the place. Perhaps if they used the revenue to police and clean the parks there wouldn't be such a push-back. Thai citizens should be ashamed of their parks and how they are poorly treated and maintained.
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    More discrimination by the Thai Government. Double pricing standards all over this Country. The Government does it so all small business think its OK to rip off the tourist.
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    That is more than I pay to get into the parks in America. And they have clean restrooms, hot showers. And no trash everywhere.
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    0.2g hardly makes her a drugs mule. Drugs and the abuse and consumption of drugs (like alcohol prescription meds and tobacco) is a social not criminal issue. Locking someone up for 15 years for 0.2grams of a substance is utter nonsense. Will this sentence deter other who want to take drugs. Abosoluty not! That much is obvious as ice/yaba and other drug user are continually flooding prisions most being repeat offenders. Society needs to lool at the issue through a different filter. Feel very sorry for this young family.
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    Wife is down in Krabi at the moment with two Farang friends (Tourists) she was appalled that not only was the park 40 baht Thais ,400 for farangs but many restaurants also had higher prices for farangs in fact she went in sat down and asked for for four dishes the same and was told farang is 80 baht Thai is 60 baht, she told em where to stick it and they dropped the farang price to the Thai price. Everything in Krabi has been inflated for Farangs, theyre just greedy little shites.
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    Yes its filthy and extremely polluted that's why I will never swim in it, or eat thai seafood. Waste and sewage is drained directly into the sea, when you treat your environment as a toilet what do you expect.
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    Foreigners may be able to actually own land in Thailand – even if it’s just temporary. What a stupid statement - they would not own the land
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    I can't believe the gall of some posters here actually condemning this women. There are so many red flags in this case, the gear she supposedly had was never actually presented to the court, and her case file had her sign a confession which she said she was forced to sign, and she was denied access to a lawyer at the point of arrest. Also anyone who knows anything about this drug would know that outside the source countries (south american nations) the likelihood of the end user getting the drug with a purity of above 40% is slim at best (because almost every level dealer cuts it with other substances to bulk it up). So on that basis alone the amount she will have had will have been literally 1 (yes one) grain of salt's worth. The influential figure story was completely overlooked in court, not even any investigation into that. This whole case stinks to high heaven. Adn what makes it even worse is that actual criminals who have killed or maimed innocent people either in their cars or through intentional acts have not only escaped jail for those crimes, but also certainly done so through acts of bribery / perverting the course of justice (themselves gross crimes in their own right). The random and inconsistent application of the law is a key calling card of a banana republic justice arm. It is sick, indefensible, and morally bankrupt as is. My heart bleeds for all involved in this case, these innocent kids and their father's lives have been destroyed, and for what? I feel sick to my stomach every time i hear about this case, a complete miscarriage and abuse of power.
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    So typical Thai. 2 of them are getting their asses kicked by one man, which is MAJOR loss of face, so they have to resort to pulling knives. Fricking <deleted> cowards.
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    just another way to fool these bloody rich farangs!
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    Guess I can scratch visiting any national park off my list. 400 baht, seriously? Why are foreigners squeezed at every opportunity for money, and now officially so? The bloom has certainly gone off this rose.
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    Agreed. Geez I haven't been reading a lot of comments lately, but damn. Most ThaiVisa posters are still the same. High mighty sitting behind their computer. It's 0.2grams for personal use. Hardly worth 15 years in prison. A significant fine maybe, community service (which would be good in Thailand) but not jail. While other's drive unlicensed or drunk and kill 1 or multiple people in car accidents walk away with no more than a sorry, it's pathetic really. She's not a dealer, she's not selling. Remember the only difference between Alcohol and other 'hard' drugs is one is illegal the other isn't. The all ruin a heap of lives, cause violence, dependency and so on. Except 'weed', you'd be hard pressed to find the same amount of negative social consequences of that plant. (Note I don't do any 'drugs' and rarely drink, but I also believe in the choice for other people to do and deal with, the consequences of their own choices). Asia and their war on drugs....while running people over in the street is more acceptable. I'll never understand it....
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    I think it only a matter of time until this happens, I mean full ownership of a single property. I think even the stupidest people learn, its just that the rest will be ahead of them when they get the message. In this respect, Thailand will wake up when the retirement business in Malaysia Vietnam is booming, and they realise how much money can be made. Who the hell wants to retire in a place where they can be kicked out of their house, their adopted country, on the whim of a public official, their wife, or their kids.
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    I saw this on Thai TV about 4-5 hours ago and from what I know about the law (not much) it would be a case of attempted murder in any normal country. Kick or stamp on someones head or in this case both and you're trying to kill them. Doing it repeatedly times just confirms your intent. More Thainess !
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    Representative of a broader attitude towards foreigners.
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    seeing how Farangs can lease land 100% legally for 30 years now, I don't really see how this will change things except for business owners who are very young and can see the future. and you cannot legally own land in Thailand, no matter how any people tell you that you can.
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    I can't imagine what's wrong with the ocean???
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    And then surprisingly the renovations never get done in fact it continues to deteriorate,
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    You can quote the laws and the penalties as much as young like. At the end of the day, if everyone is receiving the proper punishments for having cocaine, getting drunk and killing someone in their car or shooting people in the head in a nightclub, you'd have a point. But it doesn't happen. I'd much rather see someone walk or receive a lenient sentence for having a bit of coke than seeing them walk for murder or completey negligent driving.
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    Good to see all and sundry contaminating the evidence with their bare hands. That should render any potential forensics invalid. Body in pieces, and cctv missing.....here we go again.
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    In civilized countries the land owner will be taken to court for putting the spikes there, not sure however about Thailand, since I mentioned civilized countries.
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    Exactly, I was on an Asian tour last month and visited 4 countries, average waiting at immigration 5 minutes.... Thai immigration is under-educated, or even not educated at all. I give my passport open on the right page, the stupid officer(whats in a title) closes it first. reopens on the wrong page and start searching , where i come from, we call that an idiot !
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    You can take the girl out of the whore house, but never the whore out of the girl called Nat
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    Well what do you expect from men here, most of them are spineless. Only brave when the odds are 6 to 1.
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    Paying a monthly allowance? Now that is a reward! Well done, all involved!
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    Well done Thailand. That's the way to deal with all those nasty tourists. Lock em up and harass them and then send them to immigration to do it all over again. They will soon learn not to show their faces around here. Then you can add more sewage lines out to the beaches.
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    Yet again, the 'tourist image' thing seems a bigger priority than the severity of the crime !
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    There is no doubt about that the Pattaya jetski's are attracting the worldwide press for years already
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    Never mind your soi as they are rampant and untrained almost everywhere in Thailand. What we need is lots more Cambodians, Vietnamese and Koreans who are very very hungry
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    Lesson to us all living in Thailand, keep your head down and keep out of trouble or one day your dream of living here will be wiped out in a instance.
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    Ohh, that's all right then as he said sorry !! And charged with committing a dangerous assault !!?? What's that about ..The charge should be attempted murder no less !!! Low life scum ..sad reflection on many young Thai males . As I said before in another thread the sooner they deal with this loss of face issue the better .
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    Complete <deleted>, the 3 of them. This is complete and utter thuggery, and they deserve the maximum sentence possible.
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    I agree that the blue pickup was driving in an irresponsible manner, however the taxi driver did not appear to make any attempt to ensure the lane was clear before moving from his own lane to join the highway. It is the responsibility of the driver joining the highway to ensure that they can do so safely and without endangering other vehicles travelling at higher speed than themselves. From simple observation the taxi appears t simply pull into the next lane to the right as quickly as possible before the end of the feeder lane.
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    Lads, come to my soi. I'll even provide the plates.
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    A one on one fight just never happens here does it? At home two guys have a row, they take it out side and everyone lets them have a go until someone has had enough. Here, pack mentality, and when you are losing, cheat. Morals are the very fabric of society, and the lack of them here says volumes for the mindset. Land of smiles? Land of a stab and a pack beating, might be more appropriate, though TAT might have some problems putting that in their brochures.
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    This article directly follows the one praising Thai men, and how they are wrongly portrayed as bad people !
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    I might understand foreigners paying double but ten times is just greed and more than a days pay for thais. It's like inviting friends around to your house and then charging them to come inside because you want to renovate the kitchen.
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    Any form of criticism of anything thai related is denied,nothing new here
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    This government is basically bankrupt. It's the only way to explain why they have been announcing a series of astonishing excise tax hikes for many goods, want to even tax sugary soft drinks, consider raising the VAT rate, eye restructuring personal income tax rates, and - last but not least - suddenly are chasing after Thaksin's tax money again. Yet they still desperately NEED submarines...
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    Hi, i havent been here for some time, but i find that the Isaan forum has a kinder response to those of us who have married, or are involved with Isaan girls. Why is it that the Pattaya forum posters seem to have a problem with Isaan ladies. I am married to a wonderful Isaan girl(46) who worked along side me for 5 years in the bars we owned and ran in Pattaya. She was a loyal partner, and an honest woman.I have known her for 7 years, and we have been married for 5 of them.She was quite wealthy in her own right before i met her, and i live in her house, that she built from her fathers insurance money.She is bright and clever to Mathiom 6 standard, and speaks good English.We have a happy life together, and she has really never asked me for much. She asks only that i love her and stay with her but when the thing about Isaan girls is brought up in the Pattaya forum, all isaan girls are described as robbers thieves, and liars. My Mrs worked in Bkk as a quality supervisor for Addidas.She had never seen the inside of a bar, let alone worked in one. I get really angry with the guys that have a preconceived vision of all Isaan girls. My wife has never asked me for anything that would make a problem for me, nor have i had to support her family, as they all have money of their own.We live in a good village, with good people, who have accepted me.i know that there is good and bad in everybody, i am not stupid, having been here now for 17 years.But it angers me when i read posts from people that have never met a true Isaan girl,and yet feel they know them enough to critisize them.Do you think that this is just a problem with some guys, or are they all just being shitty about these girls.I am forever defending my wife, when i have received the most awful accusations of her. i now find it boring to listen to people who know nothing, but think they know every thing.
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    Agree; jailed. IMHO, in many situations, police who break the law should be subject to higher penalties. Interested to hear what others think.
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    Totally disgusting but sadly expected. Rotten from top to bottom.
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    The simple answer is obvious, get more immigration officers on the desks. Surely there must be some available, from the inactive post room
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    Maintenance records?. Yes they are currently being produced for inspection. Maintenance carried out by qualified mechanics.? Yes sure. For a lift to fall uncontrolled, there had to be a failure of many safety controls simultaneously. More likely, the safety were bridged or bypassed because they detected faults and stopped b the lifts operating. Much easier in Thailand to remove the warning signs rather than fix the actual problem.
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    Don't bother going to the parks. Besides most well travelled areas are littered anyway. Let me ask this, what if a Thai family went to the USA and wanted to go to a national or an amusement park and found they had to pay up to 10 times the admission to enter based on their citizenship. Not very nice... is it?
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    And what will this chief do to speed up the immigration process?? Waiting 2 hours in line is no fun and ruins the reputation of Thailand. And what happened to the tourist who made a picture while standing in the qeueu for hours?? She got arrested, we all saw it happening. She made a picture of the unmanned counters while there were 3 officials standing there behind them talking to eachother.
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