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  1. Later the engineer of the south bound train was found drunk in his home and said that he let his assistant trainee engineer take the train today as he was il himself and the trainee had been on at least four runs and should have known the schedule ".Not my fault'Mi Pen Li"
  2. Immagine that it could be in the headlines in the future in Thailand " Two High Speed trains end on the same track,in Thailand ,colliding at a 400 mile per hour impact.". "The first four cars of each train seem to have merged into a molten mass."
  3. No! How are they going to make any cigarette money ?
  4. From the same government that was" convinced" that he was in the temple.
  5. You should seek a job writing for some of the stand up comedians.Good stuff here.
  6. George I know what you mean about this as I too am on an income paid in dollars in the US and when ever I go back to the US once a year I bring back lots of peanut butter and good coffee ..
  7. There is an old saying in business that "Figures don't lie,but liars can figure".
  8. OK Then,After the exit those that want to stay in The EU can surly find their way across the channel to be with their brethern.By now,and don't let the door hit you in the axx.
  9. With The UK showing others that it has the balls to do what it thinks is right for it's own country first over the support of others that seem to contribute little to the union The EU is worried that others will wake up and follow suit.
  10. In The US last year over 600,000 bikers went to Sturgis South Dakota for the annual Bike Week there. You can bet that were no "scooters" in Sturgis, as some in phuket will be.
  11. They are trying to decide how to hid their own corruption in the court while deciding the corruption of others during court hearings.5555
  12. They are waiting for someone else to pay for it while also figuring out how to rake off several billion baht for themselfs.
  13. Ah Hell. I thought that they had a good thing going there with death to the druggies.
  14. According to The Us Medical Dept. One of the best ways to reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack is to take a small or baby asprin of 81 mils.almost all doctors in the US tell their patients over 50 years old to do this regularly.I do this while taking my other heart meds and I am 79 years old.