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  1. There are two sides to this war. One side has American Apache helicopters sold as part of a deal to Suadi, the other side don't have any Apache helicopters. Obviuosly it is very difficult to sort out who did the attack,
  2. Given the record of corruption here no-one should be given more power to abuse.
  3. Un comes up short again. Short against Yemen and the Israeli apartheid issue as well. Is it rude to ask what purpose this organization serves?
  4. Caning for chewing gun and a slap on the wrist for stomping someone to death? Something is severely wrong with legal systems around the world.
  5. Cambodia and Laos should be suing the US for the damage done to their couintries and should pay for the clean up of all unexploded ordnance.
  6. Well I for one will be happy if this leads to a reduction in tourism, which will mean cheaper hotel rooms, less crowded and cleaner beaches. But Thailand definitely has 'something' as the tourist numbers go up every year. In reality the whales might have been anywhere around the globe, Fukushima for example, and got an overdose of radiation. Next step: form a committee with some sib-committees.
  7. Can't blame the Russians, the US are hemming them in.
  8. Quite. How often have you heard the BBC going against British Foreign policy. Why is there nothing about Yemen and the starvation there caused by the Saudi/US naval blockade?
  9. You are being ironic surely?
  10. Guess I'll be givong the place a miss on my next Mediterranean holiday. Bring on the boycott.
  11. American healthcare is the saddest in the universe. If you have great insurance which I did, I was able to get fantastic healthy care delivered immediately. And you don;t pay any tax on the benefit which the company you work for bestows on you….the biggest middle class tax break bar none (except perhaps mortgages). If you are a minimum wage slave and get no benefits you pay the highest rates of all to visit the hospital ER. This is why in national surveys on health outcomes the US ranks so poorly, usually between 20th and 30th on health outcome like child mortality and lifespan, surviving heart attacks and the like; despite it being at least 2 times more expensive per capita than anywhere else in the developed world. When I was there my healthcare cost probably 6 or 10 times per capita than the world average….the big problem is that 1/3 of the population get next to nothing spent on the,. It is an insurance racket. Get cancer, and need expensive drugs, they'll cut your insurance off. Obamacare was supposed to sort these problems out, but after a year or two of slightly cheaper premiums, insurance rates have skyrocketed. Try to get health insurance for self spouse and two kids (even a crappy one with huge deductibles and low payouts) and you will find yourself paying $600 or $700 a month in most states. Who can afford that?
  12. It's not that we really need another block of condos or yet another shopping mall, imho, but having stayed at this pig sty more than once it is an overpriced creaking wreck of a place that needs a wrecking ball…and I don;t care how many famous people stayed there.
  13. How sad. RIP Mr Ratcatcher, I hope heaven has some huge rats for you to catch.
  14. Can they cancel his passport as well to stop him fleeing say, to Paris.
  15. One does wonder why any government official does 'field visits' abroad. The Thais have the be the most reluctant people on earth to introducing new ideas from abroad. They like doing things their own way.