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  1. At least you picked up the Thai habits like always finding someone to blame. By the way who's fault is it that it's raining, shame on them!!!
  2. They saved the art of massage (saviour) or maybe just enjoyed it (savoured) ??
  3. Thought so too, as I live in Chiang Mai what first came to mind was air quality sensor but then figured that couldn't be too useful here
  4. Saw this on back street of Mae Nam What is it?
  5. Thanks, met Dit at Mae Nam Soi 1 course Sunday. He was setting up for upcoming race. Nice guy but builds are wicked track!!!
  6. "Everything is easy if you know how to do it" JC (me ) I am (slowly) learning how to DIY service on my bike, with lots of useful help from Youtube and other internet pages , thanks for the Park Tool link, but often don't have the correct tool, especially on vacation, or the skill to do it correctly. The issue here was diagnostic, which was fixed with experience AND asking about the service and riding history of this particular brake. Actually originally on first inspection he thought it might need a new piston but then upon me providing further information he pushed the piston back. If he didn't have the experience and just started replacing parts, as is the norm in Thailand, I would have to wait for the part to be delivered and my holiday wouldn't have been as enjoyable sans bike. For the 100 bht I'm sure glad I got professional help (and probably should use that advise with other parts of my life - LOL) I'm a Chef and when a customer asks for a recipe, which I always happily provide, I know quite well that they will most probably never be able to get the same results as when prepared by the professional (me again ).
  7. Thanks for all the responses. The piston in my hydraulic brake master cylinder needed resetting. Mink at The Cycling Samui Bike Shop did a great job! He's a real bike mechanic, speaks English, nice guy and very reasonable. https://www.facebook.com/TheCycling/ Glad to be sorted, talking about MTB racing I'm going to the Mae Nam track this morning to practice as the organizers are suppose to be setting up for the April 9th race today. http://www.thaimtb.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=1558940
  8. Maybe you should change your name to Cyberbully (p.s. Check out the pm feature, works great for one-on-one conversations i.e. private messages)
  9. I do feel like an idiot even with the extra 100 bht for gas to go to Sanpatong
  10. Interesting I'm on holiday here (Mae Nam) and haven't had any rain so far in last 10 days but skies look like it might sometimes. Where did it rain?
  11. Cant check the price because I'm here now but it's for my British family when they visit as I'm a non-tea drinking Yank so not a regular purchase
  12. Thanks, I'm in Mae Nam but happy to go anywhere on the island. Do you have any experience with any of these or have an opinion of which might be the best for my needs? Appreciate your help JC
  13. Could anyone recommend someone to service hydraulic disk brakes on a high-end MTB? Thanks, Vacationing Ex-pat JC
  14. Recently bought one in Big C mall in Hang Dong. The little shop at bottom of escalator coming down from Big C But the important question is would a slanted moving sidewalk be called an escalator?
  15. There's a M&S in my home town of Chiang Mai I buy tea there