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  1. Right
  2. I'd say one or three of these: reuang kong guu mai chai reuang kong meung = It's my business, it's none of your fck*ng business = เรืองของกูไม่ใช่เรืองของมึงไม่ใช่เรืองของมึง ban yaa oon rue baow = are you retarded or what = ปัญญาอ่อนหรือป่าว tammai ben kon bep nee = why are you this kind of person = ทำไมเป็นคนแบบนี้ bai haa reaung kong mung mai dong maa haa reuang kong gu = go mind your own business, no need to poke your nose into my affairs = ไปหาเรืองของมึง ไม่ต้องมาหาเรืองของกู por leaw na mai dong maa taam = enough already, yeah, no need to come with these questions = พอแล้วน่ะ ไม่ต้องมาถาม taam hia arai = <deleted> are you asking = ถามเหียอะไร puud hia arai ai sat = <deleted> are you talking about you animal = พูดเหียอะไรไอสัส
  3. I'm pretty sure 'khaek' just has two meanings, by coincidence it means both guest and an Indian / middle Eastern appearing person. It isn't meant to imply that they're guests that overstayed their welcome or that they should leave. In the same way that farang just happens to mean both Caucasian / white appearing person, and guava fruit. You're correct many look down on Indians though. When I asked a Thai girl why, she replied that Indians 'smell bad'. Which has some truth to it, and is linked to the cuisine - the ingredients in Indian food seep out of the pores and give a person a distinctive odor.
  4. Until they change the definition of what's legal and what isn't.
  5. http://www.thai2english.com/ is better, you can paste a whole sentence in the bigger box in the middle of the page
  6. It is indeed poor journalism that mixes up news from Aug 2014 about visa exempts.
  7. Thailand did the same drugs war thing under thaksin in 2002-3, extrajudicial killing of thousands. It didn't affect foreigners (as long as Nana and Cowboy stay open!) and neither does what is happening in the Philippines. And at least they elected their president democratically.
  8. kon baa maa baa chop gin kee crazy man crazy dog that likes to eat shit
  9. Yeah in fact I did 9 months on visa exemptions in the last year. Maybe got lucky or it helped that I stayed outside thailand 2-3 weeks each time. Or both.
  10. You'd still have to leave the country after 90 days yeah, but could go anywhere, if you got bored of Cambodia. But there are other easy places to get a visa, like Laos and Malaysia.
  11. Only 6 months a year is definitely fine. They say you can do 6 months a year on visa exempts, if you wanted you don't have to bother applying for visas on your trips out. If it was me I'd fly in on exempt, extend to 60 days, fly out to somewhere interesting now that I don't need to rely on applying for a visa (Philippines, Japan, places with no consulate like Macau, whatever), spend a week there enjoy the trip, fly back in on exempt, extend to 60 days, repeat the process. Three 60 periods, a week in between, 20k baht cash just in case but technically under 6 months in a year is said to be acceptable without a visa. And the 'proof of funds' is 10k for exempt visits. With visas, up to around 8-9 months a year is fine. It's only really when you try to stay in Thailand year-round, only spend 1-2 days outside the country each visa run, that problems might crop up.
  12. It's a bit better than a visa exempt but still no 100% right conferred to enter Thailand. People can still get pulled aside and questioned with a visa, and possibly denied entry if they're unlucky. For you it should be fine, only 3 visas then a trip to home country. People tend to have problems on their 5th visa in a row with no trips to home country, only 1-2 days outside Thailand each time they do a visa run, stuff like that. As well as not carrying 20k baht cash as 'proof of funds'.
  13. I never said they are legal. I just said they're a proper ticket booking (that auto cancels). If they check the flight manifest it will show up. I also use them to get into the Philippines (at BKK airport the check in girls require an onward ticket, and they check the number). Of course they are against the rules. But it's no different to buying a throwaway ticket you have no intention to use.
  14. 900 baht is a good deal, normally you're looking at 2000 baht though. The 100% refundable ones are very rare, I looked into it because obviously if I can save $10 and spend $0 that'd be nice :) There's Orbitz but it's not foolproof sometimes they decline your refund request, and it needs to be an expensive business class rate too. Stings to then get declined. And I think you still lose money to web booking fees that can't be refunded so it's never quite 100%. I'm pretty sure lovethailandelite's post was a bit of a troll (that's ok I troll too) if you read his other posts. He doesn't want to check with immigration if it's legal, he wants to alert them that people are using it. Of course it's not 'legal' (not really the right word to use). But who cares, if you buy a throwaway ticket to KL and weren't intending to use it anyway, what's the difference. You have been deceptive either way. It's basically a silly rule to require onward tickets, they prove nothing. They force deception.
  15. Is an onward ticket really a deterrent to someone who's going to commit crimes, work illegally, or overstay? They're only like $50. It seems a lazy non-fix that inconveniences others and affects tourism (the Philippines sees less tourists because of this) which takes money away from small businesses. Must be better ways for countries to go about things.