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  1. I think a chinese truck, but not sure; now sure 北汽福田汽车股份有限公司 Went on Wiki pedia ( under license of Mercedes-Benz trucks )
  2. This morning problems with Flickr.. Bo penne yang do.. we have the " drag file " for uploading photos.. It's a Wat dog in the countryside..yesterday morning .
  3. Thank u Robert ; I like to cycle, I like when it's sunny and hot, so since the beginning of this year, I did already 4,900 km ; in less than 3 months . Have a look at my lign : Assurancetourix, what I saw ..or something like that ... Here's the link !!! Added to be useful!!! (by SJ!)
  4. Every day, same same ...but different - shot today wednesday 22, march 2017 on rd 22 between Sawang Daen Din and Phangkhon
  5. Beautiful photos ; suggested by Samuijimmy, three photos maximum in one post...It's for those who have a slow connexion; and it's better to have more " like "
  6. Thursday 16 , march 2017 - MTBike 103 km - Olympus TG 860 Went to Nikhom Nam Un; it's also a very big artificial lake On the road , mother and baby And an old house.. Rd 2218, difficult to climb a little hill
  7. Came back on a main rd A dirty man..washing his cement truck in the field
  8. Red roads...and cows after the buffaloes The baby, in front , is 2 months old Found another baby stray countryside dog and feed it
  9. And....I found it !
  10. Wednesday 15, march 2017 - MTBike 79 km - Olympus TG 860 Always looking for the right road going to the big lake not far from Charoen Sin I was a trucker, never forget it !
  11. Maybe a little problem with Cutiethebeagle photos... An admin or mod can delete two or three posts which are the same .. ? Le chat; it's her name With our little dog, Soyei, pouying , which is 14 months old
  12. They show ..!! Jimmy, no problem.. And about these flowers I have in my garden; don't know their name, too ; shot two days ago
  13. Where is our friend Aladdin ? Lost in Brugges?
  14. Many beautiful graffiti inside and outside ; Did u done a search about the painters? They always sign what they have done... Thanks a lot for sharing your photos with us; what is your Ultra Wide Lens ?