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  1. Sober as a judge.You made a post on the City thread I asked you a question about it, you didn't get answer. Strange how you missed it and would rather talk about it in PM
  2. Unlike yourself, you going to answer the question keyboard warrior?
  3. Yes classic fairweather, you were a regular poster until Moyes started to slide and just about went totally AWOL once LVG's shiiite became apparent. No our biggest grip is not the owners opening their wallets, it's their buying/spending policy. That's an aside, my point was your money won't buy you the success Fergie brought, you seem to think it will, but the game is changing again and again. Bottle it? It's not a title run in and we don't have to face Chelsea, City, Arsenal & Spurs like yourselves. So the odds are you'll not be on here for a bit and United will be playing Thursday night football again....unless you win the now totally relevant Europa Cup
  4. See post 21353...I'll save you the trouble to answer both your questions. "I found a sad club," he said. "Manchester United sold players that I would never sell, bought players that I would never buy." "We are not ready to be Manchester United," he said. "We are not ready to be a dominant force. We are not ready to try and win everything. "Because of the nature of the club, and of myself, we are ready to fight for every game, every point. But there is a space between the general ambition of such a giant club and what we are in reality."
  5. What are you saying?
  6. Bob Watch Milner on Sterling for sure a penalty Toure's foot was a sending off Otamendi on Mane for sure a penalty
  7. Apparently this week Milner said it's the best team he has played in...Liverpool
  8. You can't deny Alex Ferguson was one of the greatest managers across any sport. As much as we might have despised his success, you have to admire his talent. The winning mentality and relentless striving to do better and never give up are what I like to see in people, never mind footballers. I'm 43 so plenty of time yet....I hope
  9. You are the classic fairweather, on here anyway. Look you are chiming in now after beating the worst team ever. You still need to play some big teams yet Red, you'd be doing pretty well to finish in the Top 4. At least if you don't, your boss can cry like a bitch about the world hating United with so many games to play and it's everyone else's fault. Sure I'd take a cup, but i'd sacrifice a cup too, particularly the one you won. Season's going pretty well, 12 points better off than this time last season and nice run in to the finish line. Fergie is gone Red, only money can bring you glory now, money will never be as consistent as Fergie.
  10. Don't talk to me about summer, it's 38 C today and it's only 2 weeks in to spring I like your style though petermik, enjoy the Thai sunshine
  11. You reds on here are so fair weather. some big games coming up, I guess we won't see you to the summer 😉
  12. Christ on a bike, that was nerve racking. second half of missed chances, lallana's was the most incredible. Take a point all day, big boys done for the season
  13. I see United are finally out of 6th spot 👍
  14. Fuckin amazed 😂
  15. smashed the censor boundary there