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  1. Well that's not a road that's going to improve traffic but plenty of space for more latex and gem shops to open. Perhaps the world's largest ferris wheel will be sited there.
  2. They've had luggage scanners on arrival at Phuket since the new terminal opened and most bags are scrutinised. The good news is that I have got away with teabags, cheese, chocolate bars and lots more on two occasions. I would hope they have more important items to look for, such as rhino horns, elephant tusks and drugs.
  3. @BulldozerDawn Are you sure you are posting in the right thread? All very interesting (seriously) but you didn't set foot anywhere near Patong!
  4. The Government must be missing a trick here. Legalise it but tax it heavily. Get the Thai tobacco monopoly to create their own e-tobacco (or whatever it's called, I wouldn't have a clue being a non-smoker/vaper). They seem to be taxing everything in sight right now so why not this?
  5. If they don't do something about the TV website, which has been awful over the past few days: taking forever to load, error messages and inability to post, I might join the exodus!
  6. "The Chalong Underpass will be completed soon" This comment alone shows that the guy doesn't really have a clue. "Public transport is not good enough" Everyone in Phuket knows this but the remainder of the report fails to address this issue, other than the light railway, which, if construction ever starts, will probably cause four years of traffic hell. How about someone having the balls to say "@#$% the tuktuks and taxis, we're going to introduce a functional bus system." Cheaper than light rail, they would be utilised if the routes were planned carefully and if done on a large enough scale, surely the transport mafias could be defeated.
  7. I never came across this. Maybe your browser? I noticed you were less active than usual SP.
  8. Left the forum but lurking! "Last active three hours ago" according to his member profile. Come on LIK, if you can read, you can post!
  9. Thailand recently came first in the least miserable country in the world report but it's only the 32nd happiest country in the world. Not quite sure what this states, other than reports like this are totally meaningless.
  10. Saw that yesterday. The cows have gone!
  11. Get away from the beach and you might just find places like this. Khao Phra Theo
  12. You're right, but the Swedes have been outnumbered by the Russians this season in Karon/Kata, and I fully anticipate a further increase in Russians for next season. I went to the Costa Del Sol for a few days last year and the decline in tourist numbers during the 90s and 00s has forced the Spanish to get their act together and in many ways it's a much more pleasant experience than Phuket as resort areas have been designed with tourists in mind with clean, pedestrianised areas, offering a great choice of restaurants, bars and shopping in pleasant, unpolluted surroundings. Of course it's more expensive and it's a summer destination. Phuket will only ever be a winter haunt for most Europeans.
  13. Obviously the last crackdown didn't work if there are still many passenger vehicle drivers without the correct licences. Roadblocks at the same points every day aren't going to work: many bus drivers don't go to the airport anyway. They should hit the bus companies with a meaningful fine (not 5,000 baht) every time a licenceless driver is caught driving one of their vehicles; they are at fault as much as the drivers. Of course, being Thailand, they probably consider the correct uniform more important than the correct licence!
  14. Our strategy is to focus on the "luxury groups" such as married couples, as well as marina and sports enthusiasts. I think they spend a considerable amount during their visit," said Anoma Wongyat, director of TAT Phuket. How many times have we heard this before? And I can think of many married couples that certainly don't fall in the luxury tourism camp. You just have to look at the queue in the local 7-Eleven and the street-food stalls outside to see that.
  15. He mentioned the light railway but failed to state that it doesn't go anywhere near the main tourist areas.