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  1. Well, everyone else is using the stupid defamation law, so why not! It will just cause them some grief, time and money. Then go away!
  2. I think they mean only 11% were declared paid. What % was donated to police retirement fund?
  3. Use Article 44 to stop songkran. Period!!! Problem solved and will bring "happiness" to everyone that has to endure it every ******* year.
  4. PM has spent all Thailand's cash and is desperately looking for quick tax income. Question is, what will they do after the tax money has been spent/lost/pocketed??
  5. And the medical research on E-cigarettes is much better. But this is not about public health, it's about tax money and fine money!!!
  6. Maybe she should have taken some of those tranquilizers.
  7. It seems pretty common in Thailand to not bother being legal as the possible fines are lower than the cost of becoming legal. 10,000 baht is a joke. People getting fined double that for just possessing an E-cigarette in Pattaya.
  8. Good work guys.. I will sleep well tonight knowing these are off the streets of Pattaya. If this is your top priority, then Pattaya must now be a wonderful, clean and safe place to be. It's good to know that the bars and gogos are all aboveboard, that assaults and thefts have been erradicated, and the BIB have stopped their extortion rackets. What a happy place to be!
  9. B.S. Just another law that will be used selectively to intimidate and extort money. If they really wanted to cut smoking they should follow the UK and other country's examples and allow e-cigarettes. But we all know money (tax) is the driving force behind all Thai agendas.
  10. Well, we all know the outcome - Transferred to inactive duty. Case closed! Crime really does pay when your in the Royal Thai Police.
  11. "the city was dealing with its crime problem successfully." - Really? The only way to solve crime in Pattaya is to replace ALL police and many city officials. They **** you much harder and more often than any beach road ladyboy.
  12. If "traditional dances" involve a slow shuffle while clinging onto a chrome pole, then yes! I'll be out looking for a little ST "shadow puppet" later
  13. Go into almost any gogo bar in Pattaya and you'll find a list (book) of regular payments to corrupt police and officials. If us "stupid farangs" know the score, then the Thais certainly do.
  14. If she wants fair justice and equal treatment, she is in the wrong country. She, of all people, should know that.