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  1. No sex either??.......... No religion would be much better!
  2. "Thailand is predominantly Buddhist and deeply conservative, but is home to an extensive sex industry," IMO, the first part of this sentence tells how fake Thais really are. The largest brothel in the world run by buddhists:)
  3. Obviously, some things take 2nd place:).....when tourism takes on such importance!
  4. For those interested....any wonder the government is often stretched when many of these are failures....although in fairness, many are not MCOT Public Co., Ltd. Police Printing Bureau, Royal Thai Police The Bangkok Dock Co., Ltd. Thailand Tobacco Monopoly Government Lottery Office Playing Cards Factory, Excise Department Liquor Distillery Organization, Excise Department The Syndicate of Thai Hotels & Tourists Enterprises Ltd. Krung Thai Bank Public Co., Ltd. Government Savings Bank Government Housing Bank Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Co-operatives Export–Import Bank of Thailand Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand Secondary Mortgage Corporation Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation Dhanarak Asset Development Co., Ltd Islamic Bank of Thailand Sports Authority of Thailand Tourism Authority of Thailand National Housing Authority Office of the Government Pawnshop Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand Rubber Estate Organization Marketing Organization for Farmers Fish Marketing Organization Office of the Rubber Replanting Aid Fund Airports of Thailand Public Co., Ltd. Port Authority of Thailand State Railway of Thailand Bangkok Mass Transit Authority Aeronautical Radio of Thailand, Ltd. Thai Maritime Navigation Co., Ltd. Thai Airways International Public Co.,Ltd. The Transport Co., Ltd. Civil Aviation Training Center Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand Expressway Authority of Thailand Wastewater Management Authority Botanical Garden Organization The Zoological Park Organization under Royal Patronage of H.M. the King Forest Industry Organization TOT Public Co., Ltd. CAT Telecom Public Co., Ltd. Thailand Post Co, Ltd. Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand PTT Public Co., Ltd. Public Warehouse Organization Metropolitan Electricity Authority Provincial Electricity Authority Metropolitan Waterworks Authority Provincial Waterworks Authority Market Organization Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research National Science Museum Government Pharmaceutical Organization Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand
  5. Good move Surapong....well in any case, he probably would never have been given any position again whoever won a legitimate a very face saving way of getting out
  6. The SRT is truly an amazing department....120 years they've been in operation and have never had to replace a single carriage or engine!
  7. Obviously the BMTA is a shambles.....inept from management down. How or why they couldn't sort out this stupid bus fiasco is beyond me.....were they waiting for commissions....handouts....who knows, but with 400 new buses that are so desperately needed, they sat on their hands and stuffed about! Good that this fool has gone, now sort out the rest!
  8. Interesting coming from a factory in Bang really should be very easy to get the provider.....but somehow, I have a feeling that he/she would have good contacts.....
  9. No matter whether an elected government or a bunch of AJs, none of them can get together and plan anything properly......3 years ago, HS and double track railways were going to date nothing has been done...we don't even know if any survey has been carried out....let alone plans for EIA, land aquisition, engineering and design.....!
  10. Maybe KingPower has something to do with this road and bridge??.....but what ever....the bridge spans a small cove and has been a complete wast!
  11. I thought the AOT already had plenty of spare machines after the Suvharnabumi purchases......but maybe the wrong people got the commissions back then!
  12. Who they trying to kid?......Dolts in uniforms....!
  13. Just more evidence that many of the people here are nuts!
  14. Maybe the Junta starting to stitch up the EC.....
  15. The 2 faces of evil......some countries don't need wars to kill their people.....