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  1. They can boost their standards all they want, maybe even hire a proof reader or two. But they still won't be allowed to tell the truth, and the public is right to not trust the approved content.
  2. There must be at least 2 or 3 markets they haven't monopolized yet.
  3. He's just trying to speed up the rail projects, especially the gravy train.
  4. The western world has lost all common sense and Trudeau is rushing to prove he is part of that team. Why even have borders anymore? They only keep out people who go through proper channels.
  5. It is not Trump that is dividing America. It is the political group known as the mainstream media which is wagging the dog to death. I fear for America.
  6. I used to mock Thai strawberries too, then, two years ago, we bought some on a whim. They were excellent, and we bought another 5 kg. I am certain you can still find the old kind, the ones that were similar to wood in taste and texture. But keep looking, you'll find the good ones.
  7. They're not refugees. They are illegal aliens.
  8. Of course the media is not the enemy, just the big names are, like Reuters and the other giants.
  9. First time I have seen an English language paper refer to beef as cattle meat. It's accurate of course, but not the normal term. I wonder if they print their news on tree fibers?
  10. It is amazing to see how often that what is referred to as Buddhism in Thailand is often diametrically opposed to the philosophy of Buddhism. Perhaps Antibuddhism might be the correct term. I wonder if the number of people who actually understand Buddhism and are committed to practicing a pure form of it, even outnumber the Christians or Muslims here. An Abbot constructing a 350 Billion Baht temple that was in essence a private clubhouse is about as far from his vow of poverty as black is from white. Let's not mention the embezzling, money laundering, or defying the police, courts, and military too.
  11. Anyone with a conservative world view that finds it important to preserve their own culture and is proud of how the western world transformed humanity in the last century. At least that is the impression I get from the MSM and the snowflake army.
  12. They're nearly as corrupt as the military, and that is unacceptable.
  13. 80 years or so, and they are still trying on democracy. It can't happen here because they are all in mortal terror of accountability and free speech.
  14. With all things you need to consider the source. There's not much true coming from official channels anywhere.