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  1. The extremists are the purists who hide under the blanket of non violent Muslims. They have more power to expose the extremists than any other group. Yet they seem the least interested in doing just that. It seems to be a kind of assent to me.
  2. Likely you didn't hear of his passing. But perhaps he is checking in on this thread from heaven though.
  3. Junta's out of money Another pre-revolutionary condition in place. Sharp tax increases.
  4. What a nice way to describe it. Much better than war profiteering or just plain corruption.
  5. Somchai stop driving like an idiot, I think that Honda has a dash cam!!!!
  6. They are both just cola to me. I maybe could pick one out in a taste test. But I am faithful to neither. I drink them when they're provided, but never buy for myself.
  7. Yep, it's going to be a lot more. And he'll need a crane.
  8. The pillar base was 13 meters by 6. The roof goes about 1.5m past the edges. I can't remember the costs at the moment, got a head cold, but I am sure it was around 35 - 40k. No pad. The labor was free as it was for the church by the church.
  9. I doesn't appear to be much more advanced than a mannequin. It's going to remind too many guys of their ex wives.
  10. If this is simply a roof, than the lighter you build the cheaper it will be. It is hard to beat sheet metal for accomplishing that goal. As a roofing material it is nearly weightless. Your next problem is strength. A roof that big catches a lot of wind. You'll need to study up on roof shapes to reduce the amount of lift. Also you will need to design a truss system that takes the load of that wind and disperses it. As far as pillars go, 8 meters is way up there. You can go with concrete with re-bar or steel, but I like steel. You can do more with it. You can add to it, and drill holes through it. Concrete is no where near as friendly. You will need to find a good welder or two. Last roof I put up, that was just a roof, I used steel for pillars and it came out cheaper than concrete, But I was only 4 meters high.
  11. Painting your own bedroom is against the law? Is the specifically stated or are you interpreting this?
  12. Carefree or careless, The only thing they fear is being held to account. Beats my life where I have to do the worrying for the whole family.
  13. The law and it's interpretation is purposefully vague. The intent of the law is to keep westerners from taking jobs from Thais, but It doesn't specifically say you can't, for instance paint your bedroom. However if you got the attention of the wrong person, you could be out for doing just that. That being said, flipping houses is an interesting idea. Thais don't like to buy used houses, but maybe they would buy restored houses. You would have to due diligence and confirm that the house has no ghosts. Ghost removal might be an approved occupation here.
  14. Civilians should be tried in normal courts but all they have here are Thai courts.
  15. We have been fortunate to be around to see the Great Barrier Reef. As we are recovering still from the last ice age and the conditions were right to make it what it was. As it gets warmer new things will happen. It wouldn't matter if we were here or not. They have found dinosaur bones in the arctic and the antarctic. I wonder what the climate of that period did to the Barrier Reef? Several influential groups find the climate change hysteria very useful. Anti capitalists, tax seeking governments, grant seeking scientists, grant seeking institutions, leftists, socialists, liberals, the media, and those who seek a one world government...