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  1. Not if your wish does not happen to be a box in the sky.... but a home with a garden.
  2. Well the 'before' is redundant is it not, as the debt was still there when you got married?
  3. Will it not be missing the entry stamp for Cambodia? Seems correct that an entry on a UK passport should not be purposely allowed to go into overstay.
  4. Regular stuff from these impatient drivers. Had a bloody great coach think it was okay for him to do 50-60m on the wrong side of the road to get to his right turn and force me into the gutter! Stuff squeezing up the inside is even more common in traffic. Lanes are a waste of paint.
  5. My CC guarantee money is kept in a separate FD account than my main account, but I could see how this might happen if the same one was used. It is wrong really, the full 800k is still there to cover your year, whether it is 500+300 or just 800! It is of course not even a credit card when it needs to be covered like this. If you can manage without the CC I would get rid of it. After all the ATM card can be used as a debit card and cover many instances,
  6. It depends on my routing, but I have no direct flights to and from BKK. Amsterdam will take it off you sealed bag or not. And no duty free can be bought there for UK.
  7. Along with the liquids ban duty free is struggling. Or is it perhaps more to do with massive mark-ups and the fact that most items can be bought cheaper at Tesco when you get there.
  8. Just tow it away and then pursue the owner. What a waste of time and effort to keep syicking idiotic tickets on an abandoned vehicle. Stupidity.
  9. I am not so sure I agree. Someone died due to his actions and I presume dangerous behaviour. Had it been an innocent bystander (or swimmer) everyone would be baying for blood. It is tragic that it was his new wife, but a court case was necessary. At least an inquiry.
  10. Have to kill some more turtles.
  11. I had a couple change a kids shttx nappy at the table next me in restaurant in S. America once. Some people are just disgusting.
  12. The high voltage wires which feed to a transformer are not insulated.