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  1. Kodi is life changing in terms of home entertainment, the catch is that it is ever evolving and requires some learning to maximize its potential and keep it current and up and running. Once you lear the basics you can add more addons fix problems and maximize your viewing experience. You can also get pay addons for a small fee that optimize your streams or provide access to premium live veiwing platforms. Even though Kodi is free and you can buy a "box" from as little as 2000 baht to as high as 30,000 plus I whole heartedly support people who for a fee will source a quality box, program it, and teach you to use it for a fair price. If your cost was 6300 ( 3 months of True Visions) then you got a good deal. I would say if it's an ok box you've paid probably less than $100 for the sourcing, programming and teaching how to use, of the box. That's a good deal, investing a few dollars to have someone do that for you is justifiable in my opinion. When I bought my first box around 4 years ago I paid a guy almost double that. He made 2 trips to my house and spent several hours teaching me XBMC ( Kodi) and frankly it was probably the best money I have ever spent in Thailand. I've since moved on to more powerful boxes and HTPC's but my Kodi learning curve was jump started by the guy who sold me my original box. While people may say I was ripped off I see it as a small price considering the phenomenal veiwing pleasure I have had since being introduced to Kodi. Consider this. As we live in a Buddhist country that believes in reincarnation, you can now sleep easy knowing you can enjoy tv and movie veiwing content for your next 10 lifetimes without watching a rerun. Now that's a bonus.
  2. My latest Thai Elite 5 year SE Visa has expired and I am still on a 3 month extension. I decided to convert my elite membership from the lifetime to the 20 year membership so I can get the PE 5 year visa which gives a 1 year extension of stay versus the 3 month given on the SE. The Thai elite people said they contacted immigration and that they were told that I could not simply apply/convert for the PE visa at changwattana as I was on an extension of stay from a SE visa and that I had to leave the country and come in on a tourist visa then they would issue the PE visa. That doesn't make sense to me. Also if I have to leave and come back do I need an actual tourist visa or can I just apply for the PE visa while on a 30 day leave to remain. thanks
  3. For any Australians out there I just watched the first episode of Hoges the life story of Paul Hogan, it was pretty good but I don't know if my view was skewed from being able to remember living through some of the events and watching his TV show when I was a kid. It's on Kodi but you may be able to find it elsewhere.
  4. Spinoff series Blacklist redemption is worth a watch if you are a fan of the blacklist
  5. Kodi master 3.5 has pretty much everything. You can down load the wizard at kodimaster.com. There is a video on the site that explains everything.
  6. Try calling Kerry first and asking 061-4209076
  7. At the time I did, we sent some boxes to Bangkok via the post office and we forgot 2 boxes. We took them to Kerry on 4027 and although I don't actually remember the cost I do remember the wife said that's cheaper than the post office. Also the Kerry boxes arrived 2 days later in Bangkok at our condo and the post office made us come and collect them as they were too big to deliver.
  8. Try turning off any phones, iPads or other computers using WiFI in the house and then set up your M8 box. Also make sure sure you run your HDMI cable direct from the box to the TV and not through an amp
  9. pressing c on your keyboard will bring up the context menu in Kodi. Also Exodus is build to work with Trakt.tv so setup a free trakt.tv acount add it to exodus and you can save all your tv shows and movies in trakt. If you ever upgrade kodi or buy a new box you just link your trakt account and you still have all your favorites.
  10. I switched from True to AIS fiber and my service is better than what I had with True. I am in lower Sukhumvit area. Outside of Bangkok I think it really depends on your local area on which provider is better and so you are better asking people in your neighborhood. A couple of years ago an industry professional told me the good thing about True is that they hire the best and brightest engineers in Thailand, the bad thing is they get them to spend all their time figuring out ways to screw the home users out of bandwidth in favor of their business and commercial users.
  11. Kerry Express has a pickup point in phuket and delivers door to door cheaper than the post office The address on the website is. 98/4 Surin Rd., Talat Yai (Koh Dok Mai), Muang Phuket, Phuket, 83000 when I sent some stuff to Bangkok I went to another office in Thalang on road 4027 that goes to Pa Khlok and bang pae waterfall. It was about 1km on the right hand side when coming from the heroines monument.
  12. I actually wanted the doors the lock is just a bonus. My door opening is 3m high and 2.8m wide so I need to get custom made doors. It's a nice house so I just want to do it right once and never have to bother with it again. I wanted a modern style and I spent 3 months looking around before I found these guys. The front doors I am getting are expensive but they are doing all the internal doors as well and the prices for those may be 40-50% higher than the guy who has a shop selling wooden doors on the side of the road near the house but the quality is 100% better.
  13. Strangely enough I just ordered a set of double doors yesterday with what I believe is a 5 point locking system. The lock itself comes from Italy and It's the most kick ass lock I've seen and it was the compelling reason that I bought the doors. I'm not sure if the lock will fit into wooden doors as the doors I ordered are a steel frame with a composite cladding. The doors weren't cheap and I'd say the lock itself must be in the 20,000 baht price range or more. He may have cheaper locks. The company is Pratoo Thailand http://www.pratoothai.com/ and the guys name is Conan. He speaks perfect English. His work mobile is 0891269795 which he only answers during working hours.
  14. Has Saengthai Seafood moved to another location. It was my favorite on that seafont strip as they had the huge crabs there.
  15. If ( or should I say when) Phuket starts to attract the wealthy independent Chinese travelers then I would say real estate will boom. Both Hk and Singapore have enacted measures to curb Chinese buying of property so their options are limited if they want to take some money out of China and invest in property in their backyard region. Yes Bangkok will benefit the most and it already is from Chinese buying but Phuket is much smaller and it won't take a lot of money ( on the Chinese scale) to have a serious impact . I have no idea of the time frame but if Chinese tourism to Phuket continues at this pace it won't be long before the island is littered with real estate signs written in Chinese rather than English and Russian. The other thing that must develop is more Chinese friendly local businesses. Chinese signage, menus, pricing, etc as if the Chinese have a higher comfort level that they can function in their day to day life they are more likely to buy a second property here. The Locals have adapted to service the Russians so I have no doubt they can do the same for the Chinese.