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  1. ^ <deleted> knows what that emoticon posted for!
  2. Yes, but in my earlier post I was referring to the fact that no matter what visa (in this case multi-B ) you are on or extension, you cannot stay in Thailand for more than 90 days without 90 day reporting or leaving the country.
  3. I agree. My Mrs has had multiple UK visitor visas and only stayed for 4 week holidays each time. They usually ask a few questions on arrival at UK but not every time. The fact is Thailand has changed. I remember in the 90's guys living in Thailand on visa exempts. Their passports would be kept at the local 'travel agency' and automatically sent on visa runs for the next stamp!
  4. Yes, multi-B for first year and extension for past 14 years. Thread side tracked a little here!
  5. ^ Email sent to our employees a few years ago to remind all foreign employees not to forget their 90 day reporting: 'Dear All, Since the new regulations established of 90 days has been released from the Immigration Department which is effective immediately.. Please be informed that any expats who fail to renew your 90 days, these will be a penalty fee of THB 1,000.- for all cases.. Please learn the regulations carefully: TO NOTIFY STAYING LONGER THAN 90 DAYS The Expats permitted to stay longer in the Kingdom MUST notify your location of stay at the Immigration Offices every 90 days counted from your latest entrance into Thailand or from your current 90 days slip attached into your passport.. Best way to avoid the penalty fee is to inform us your ETA & ETD Thailand - in order for us to keep track of 90 days for you otherwise you will be fined THB 1,000.- when it expired.. Thank you for your best attention to this information in advance.. If you have any questions regarding this subject, please feel free to contact our teams for further assistance..'
  6. You certainly do have to report on a multi-b if you are in Thailand for over 90 days continuous. I know as I've been on a non B/Work permit for 15 years. If I am not on a trip overseas and know I'll be in Thailand for 90 days or more then my company take my passport and do my 90 day report for me, if not they get fined.
  7. I didn't see the OP mention that she used Windows on the Mac? I use MS office for the mac on Mac OS, not Windows. If you are updating the Mac OS it is very simple. You make a time machine back up and then install the new Mac OS over wifi or download a copy. A very simple and painless process.
  8. That's the Soi I normally used to head straight over to the 7 ramp but you can't now as it's blocked with bollards. You have to travel further down the Suk as explained, making the distance even shorter to join the 7 ramp.
  9. When you talk about '30 day tourist visa' are you referring to 30 day visa exempt as this is not really the same thing. If you continually enter on 30 day visa exempts then you have a higher chance of being pulled.
  10. That's a good point about the merging bit near Home Pro/Boonthavorn. This is something my mum also picked up on!! She reckons that they will block people from merging there which would be a bummer as that is where I usually pop out of near my house when hitting the motorway. I think she has a good point but will the Thais block this merging point for safety reasons?
  11. Ok good. Also, to install a pedestrian footbridge is fairly quick as they are usually fabricated off-site and then lifted into place. The ones I've seen put up take a couple of days to lift in place, not 6-8 months!
  12. If you wanna do the long term tourist thing and you have the cash, then just get the TE visa until you reach retirement age. Then at retirement age you can reassess which is the best visa for you.
  13. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I'm sure the pedestrian footbridge (refurbished) is already in place, but not open yet. Somebody mentioned to me the other day that they'd seen it there. I don't normally drive down that section (join near Boonthavorn) so can't be sure.
  14. Yes, this was a fairly abnormal experience as I have took this flight nearly every month for the past 3 years. Saying that, even 15-20 people in front of you at the immigration queue in departures goes down fairly quickly within 10-20 mins. There may well have been a 'push' due to social media but I'm sure it will return to normal fairly soon.