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  1. If you need a bigger size it might be worth going to a ships chandlers at ocean's the same CO2 cannisters they use in Life jackets ......
  2. You can buy a WIFI (wireless) HDMI dongle from Lazada for around 500b that should do the trick
  3. The way to get around the BBC knowing you are using a VPN .. is first open another UK site (can be any site)and then turn on Hola too the UK VPN ..... after that s up and running you can open BBC Iplayer that way you are all ready in the UK on the VPN ......and the BBC can not detect the VPN turning which is how they block you .
  4. Download this from the internet it is a free VPN then hook up your PC to your TV using a HDMI cable and you can watch world TV to your hearts content . As long has you have a reasonable internet speed you should have little to no problem ....
  5. I just love it when a self imposed Critic and can not take criticism
  6. One on Lazada 11500 cash n delivery 2nd Feb > 7th Feb (if ordered today).. I've never had a problem with Lazada ... but sometimes deliver before the said delivery date just something to be aware of
  8. Lazada ......... cash on delivery ,,,,, just put :- samsung TV remote control into there search facility it bring up 100's
  9. Hello Everybody.. Can anyone please advise me what I should be looking to pay for a set of new tyre's for a Mitsu Triton ( 245/70 R16.). I just need good quality but not the best I only do about 6500 km per year and mainly just short drives. I have noticed after 8 YEARS they are NOW showing signs of sun damage so better replace now than wish I had ...... And recommendations of a where to buy and get fitted would be gratefully appreciated too Mods please leave in the Pattaya forum as I want to buy in the Pattaya area
  10. Sorry NL ,I do not know the price of Yorkies COOKED Gammon joints ....I buy uncooked and cook it my self ...far better flavour. May I suggest give Yorkies a call and ask them
  11. I usually pre order a gammon joint from Yorkies by phone a couple of days before I need it.. always good quality .......I honey glaze my own too every year I do not know why more people do not is so simple ..and the end product is mouth wateringly tasty
  12. The London Pie shop .. tried a couple of there Mince Pies .....freshly made and with plenty of filling ....excellent quality ..I will defiantly be buy more before Xmas ........
  13. Hello Everyone . Has anyone got any 10kgs + weight plates (1 inch/28mm) That they are no longer using or need ? I can pick them up anywhere in the Pattaya area ..... Thanks in anticipation .
  14. Cheers matey that's just a great site ..I can see me using that more than once .I think I'll order the Dow's 20 year old tawny....a bit more expensive at 6259 baht ... but it is the dogs of a Port...... Cheers
  15. Hi everyone . I am looking to treat myself to a good quality bottle of Port for Christmas can anyone point me in the right direction within the Pattaya area where I might find one .I do not mind paying for a good quality Port but 5000 baht is my limit . I am also in the market for a really good quality Mature Cheddar that can compliment the port ( I am not a Stilton man).. and maybe some Carr's High bake crackers. Thank in anticipation oh ! oH ! OH!!