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  1. What happened to this young man is indicative of the standard in Thai society that there some lives are 'worth' less than others. In this particular instance, we have a 'stateless' Lahu male. His death does not register on any scale human worth by junta authorities. The claims that this young man was a drug dealer and threatening a Thai soldier with a grenade will withstand any pertinent inquiry and the CCTV footage will never see the light of day. What happened is racist, immoral, and degrades the Lahu people who live in Thailand. And they aren't the only ones who live in Thailand with no formal recognition of their existence. Almost akin to the Rohingya in Myanmar. Completely expendable.
  2. Indicative of Thailand's 'dual track' track justice system that will never be reformed. If the police were serious about these type of investigations, they would have subpoenaed all of her financial records already. Instead, it is just a social paddycake game.
  3. I did my 90 reporting at Chaeng Watthana yesterday (3/22). The immigration officer informed me that she had no idea when the website would be up and running, again.
  4. Always sounds so easy but it never it. Whether in the fishing industry or not, migrant workers are always on the hook.
  5. Now all is needed is an electronic system to purchase lottery tickets at the 7-11 and get the numbers we want!
  6. Does this man really know the work hours for most Thais outside government service?
  7. Thanks, ubonjoe. I wasn't diligent enough in looking at the past posts. Any indication when it will be up and running, again? I'm asking because it is also impossible to send in inquiry on the website as well -- and there are no specific phone numbers for 90 reporting.
  8. I've been attempting to access the website to do my 90 reporting all morning. It appears the website is down. Anyone else had this problem recently? Thanks!
  9. In so many ways, the junta has regressed 20 years and they want to keep it that way. There are many similarities to Myanmar regarding the the way in which the Thai Constitution was written and implemented. Both documents are designed to keep the military in power despite providing a facade of democracy. The junta will be in power for many years to come either through manipulation of the political system or just another outright coup.
  10. How many junta members does it take to say 'No we don't?'
  11. Tongue in cheek on Facebook polls Internet police are government trolls PS -- I'm no fan of Veera but this is absurd.
  12. According to comments on the website (if true), this person's location and where he was teaching in Bangkok was known in November of last year. Then, two entries were removed in March prior to this article surfacing. If the passport was forged or obtained fraudulently, this appears to have been know quite some time ago. If this person was in Cambodia, then immigration has his fingerprints and his identity can be confirmed one way or another. Lastly, if the US Embassy has all this information, I would think that the passport would have been flagged or cancelled by now.
  13. If this man was arraigned on charges of rape and sodomy in 2015, how did he manage to leave the country?? One would think that he would have had to surrender his passport if granted bail pending trial. A lot of information is missing in this article.