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  1. Sorry but I heard the name first time today. Who is Srisaket? :D
  2. Wow. Packed Thai elite who are most involved in super high corruption, drugs, tax evaders and others who have zero interest that the majority of their fellow citizens have any chance of getting out of poverty.
  3. I highly doubt that these are nuclear powered subs.
  4. How about investing in Thai Education to unchain this country of the corrupt elite?
  5. What a happy smile. Seems to be not very strained that her luxurious lifestyle was financed by drug money which destroyed so many life of others.
  6. Wow that's a shocking thread for me. I am already 3 years in Thailand with yearly extensions because I have a child in Thailand. I recently got my multi re entry permit and planned to travel to Vietnam soon. Will I have problems to get back to Thailand even if I have a valid non-o visa with extension?!
  7. Maybe do a fair taxation instead of protectionism. Current situation just allows corrupt people to make profits.
  8. If you feel to that your neighbors are dump then maybe move to an area with more clever people.
  9. And "just" five years. Others get 20 years for just one of these offences.
  10. I am at Kasikorn. Any experience with them? Do they know what I need when I say it's for my visa?
  11. Hi, I am going to need a bank statement to show at I have at least 400k for 3 months balance on my svaings account. Can I get this document only at the bank where I opened my account or at any other branch? And can someone maybe give me a tip for what I have to ask if the bank employee has no idea what I want.
  12. Saw all of it. Was all open and public. Hawks, Owls even Monkeys. Have not seen any Otters.
  13. HAHA..... may someone invite the officers to just have a 10 minutes walk to that place which is selling these "illegal" wildlife animals? If they have to arrest this japanese men then just go to Chatuchak and arrest the hundreds of shop owners who are selling them.
  14. I have seen the video. 100% fault of the parents. Just ran with their trolley right through the traffic on a 4 lane road. They knew that what they are doing was absolutely crazy.
  15. Krungsi (yellow bank) is doing this for almost 2 years.