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  1. The government see them only as tax dodgers
  2. I am supposed to believe an organization that lives and dies by sales, and of course they would never inflate their figures Plus Property
  3. Had you done a search "Customs Duties" here at Thai Visa you would not have been so surprised Next to "don't inverst more than you can afford to lose" and "don't buy your girlfriend a house" no subject has received more coverage than the mantra "don't use private couriers"
  4. Thailand is a big place, if you gave us an idea of where you are it might generate more responses In Pattaya, Friendship, has built a new "gourmet" cooking outlet in their parking lot that might have what you are looking for
  5. No, the scandel is that owners don't install their own meters and take that revenue stream away from the condominium owners/ management The law is clear, no condominium can prevent you from obtaining your own meter and account with the electric company. If you are a renter and are that price sensitive then you should pick your abode with that fact in mind
  6. I followed your url and I got to the app (via my PC) but when I tried to download it I got this error message, w;hich indicates that I don't have a compatable device for it. Is this the same error message that you received ?
  7. Why not try their Customer service number, they would know, but I have my doubts if anything would be done today since the International transfer office is most likely closed, even if you find a branch that would initiate it 0 2777 7777
  8. Why don't you take it to the DTAC shop, purchase a new SIM and / or data plan, and have them set it up for you
  9. And don't forget this memorable requirement: source: Something about lipstick on a pig comes to mind
  10. CreditKarma, also free, complex or simple, as well as state taxes. Biggest advantage over Tax Act or Turbo Tax is that you can print and go over the 1040 with all schedules, before you e-file
  11. This is another example of locking the barn door after the horse has escaped The time to do this was when it occured, not this many years later. For those who wonder why, it was because the elite realized at the time that if they held the Shinawatra children to a different standard, then the elite, would eventually be held to that same standard But the powers to be wanted to keep capital gains non taxable, so it came back to bite them when the Shinawatra clan unapologetically used the law as written
  12. I really don't understand what you want, other than to utilize a piece of equipment that you already own ! I have an unlocked US AT&T mobile hotspot manufactured by Netgear (AirCard770S) To use it I just went to the DTAC shop and purchased a DATA SIM, put it into the unit and the display showed me the the Wi Fi password, which I input(ed) into my cell phone, tablet and laptop. That was all the configuration needed, the device needed no configuration, just a fully charged battery Unfortunately, I know nothing about the Huawei model but can't see why it would be any different that what I am using
  13. Not according to this listing: Url is too large for this post, do a search at AliExpress: Li-Ion 4850 mAh battery
  14. seems to me that you got several responses here: (13 in fact)