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  1. Several posts have been removed and some people are now enjoying a "posting holiday" the flame/troll fest is over. 7) You will respect fellow members and post in a civil manner. No personal attacks, hateful or insulting towards other members, (flaming) Stalking of members on either the forum or via PM will not be allowed.8) You will not post disruptive or inflammatory messages, vulgarities, obscenities or profanities.9) You will not post inflammatory messages on the forum, or attempt to disrupt discussions to upset its participants, or trolling. Trolling can be defined as the act of purposefully antagonizing other people on the internet by posting controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.
  2. Meanwhile back on topic !
  3. Dont drink nor smoke, overweight for height but also good to 89.(apparently) My father is 94 and still going, my Mother died at 79 if you take the average of the 2 you get 87 😃
  4. Heres a chance to give others the "real" reason why you are moving out or contemplating moving on. Many members claim this and that and paint a picture that its all Thailands fault. When in reality its their own issues that force the decision to make a move. It may be that Thailand and how you felt and viewed the future at 50 suddenly isnt the same nor so bright at 60 or 70 ? Money dwindling, exchange rate crap, been there done that with most of Thailands "attractions" . The quaint "thai ways" and broken English of that girl suddenly starts to grate on your nerves when you realise you cant have a decent conversation and your "needs" in a partner have changed with age. The prospect of possible health issues and you still cant speak the language is stsrting to irritate you. What you glossed over before isnt so easy to dismiss and is starting to play on your mind now. In short, you are feeling vulnerable and a little scared at the future as an OAP and whilst you are still able are packing up your troubles and heading back to "familiarity" and a degree of comfort that you know wont be available to you in Thailand as you age. It been said many times that Thailand is no plsce to be without money and you are probably to old to get a job now. Atleast back there (wherever) they will understand you if you need help. They will respond and support in times of need and you wont need the A/c to be able to sleep or have to do "visa runs" anymore. Thailand has many things positive but increasingly we see posts from members of "negative" and "leaving", so is it Thailand has changed that much or is it that YOU have now grown older, a little uneasy, and its your outlook, needs and priorities have changed with age and maybe financially you can no longer sustain that which you once could, its actually you that are no longer the same and a realisation "wake-up" call has arrived. C'mon whats the "real" reason ? Whats really bothering you about the future ? You might be surprised by how many others actually agree and feel the same.
  5. Aint my number !! Had me worried there for a sec 😲
  6. The problem isnt Solar panels, isnt the technology either.The problem is getting someone to install them who knows, understands whats required, and can do it properly !! Good luck with that.
  7. Be nice if they actually had some trained Medical tech on those Ambulances as "first responders" instead of the guys in overalls who like "sewn on patches" everwhere slinging you in the back of a pick-up like meat. (Rural area observation)
  8. If you got a Makro near you Trans, go get the burgers, sesame seed buns bacon and cheese and make your own. Then when you want one you have the makings. Not the same I know, but fills a gap.😆
  9. I am not a big lover of fast food burgers as such, but we dont have any fast food burger joints in my area either and I have to admit I do enjoy one when I travel to another city. Seems to taste better after 6 months without one 😀
  10. I just use my phone. Thats with me anyway, no need for extra gizmo's. Each to their own.
  11. Moved to IT forum
  12. Just be sure to have sufficient cash, they don' t take plastic.
  13. 39000 here but often people will go to your profile to send you a PM so that will add to it.
  14. A New £1 Coin enters circulation tomorrow. What is happening to the old coin? There is a period of just over six months when the old round pound will still be accepted as legal tender alongside the new coin. People are being encouraged to return their coins before October 15 with the option to bank them or spend them.
  15. True 00600 is only 1 baht per min.