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  1. In most bureaucratic Thai organisations, be they public or private institutions, the one constant is inconsistency.
  2. Strikes me that this article demonstrates that the protection given to the students is on a par with the level of education provided in schools in Thailand.
  3. And according to a report I read earlier this year, a telephone number must also be displayed. That report also covered that a number of Buriram police had been put on inactive duties for operating road blocks that did not conform to regulations. (For years I have had this vision of a great big warehouse full of desks at which policemen sit with their feet up on them while cleaning their nails.) I got to hear shortly after that they were returned to active duties and saw that road blocks around Buriram did indeed display a phone number. They still do have the scrambled egg man attending but need go out and check whether they still do display a phone number.
  4. The official site gives the variation on rules for postal imports. Up to Baht 1,000.00 is duty free. This site appears to imply that, where applicable, duty will be applied it will be calculated at the "normal" rates. The calculation can be found official site on explains how total charge is calculated for commercial import operations.
  5. It is now with personal regret that I stay in Thailand after having been here for 16+ years and been a very frequent visitor 14 previously. The authorities have become so xenophobia in the past three years or so that, as an individual, why would I stay when there are many more open policy countries around both in Asian and globally. Mine is a personal issue but I am sure that there are many expats in Thailand that would be gone if it wasn't for a sense of responsibility to others. I stay because I have a 13 year old hah-zip, hah-zip son. He has a learning difficulty that applies to 1 in 8 people around the world of which three-quarters are male. The single study Thais has ever carried-out and made public came up with Thailand is no different from the 190-odd other countries on our planet. Had we discovered my boy's problem when he was 5 I would have taken him back to UK where the state education system knows how to deal with this problem. Thai teachers have not a clue about dyslexia. Who cares about dyslexic? Thailand need shop-house builders and rice farmers anyway! Had I got him out just 5 years back, a brighter future would have been possible. But now it is a case of helping him develop his language skills here. This has been done in part privately (Thai) and in part personally (English). We found just one state school in the province that understood the problem and a number of state sponsored private schools that fell in to the "haven't a clue" category.
  6. There is a field near the bottom of the TM7 form where you stipulate for how many days extension you are applying. I've never heard of anyone putting less than 365 but give it a try. They can only make you fill out another form which I had to do when I wrote 1 year.
  7. Let this be a lesson to all of you. When you dress in the morning, make sure you don't have holes in your socks . You may need to hang yourself with them before the end of the day.
  8. No official figures are available from what I know. For a rough idea from rough numbers take a look at Not exactly authoritative but at least give something. Farangs married to Thais may be another start point. I recall our Provincial Governor quoting a very precise number for Buriram at a presentation some 12 years ago.
  9. That is why only two other countries, which happen to currently have civil wars - Somalia and Libya, have high road death rates than Thailand. I'm curious to know who the driver's parents are. But then if the driver or they have "status" I have little confidence that we will hear much more about this. I just hope I'm wrong.
  10. quote When i depart T'land then return, my 90 day limit gets reset to zero every time. unquote Well, at least you got one thing correct jobin. You remember those nice guys sitting behind the desks at the airport to whom you give your passport. They are often referred to as being miserable and unsmiling. I've usually found them most pleasant but perhaps that's because I endeavour to be pleasant with them. They are immigration officers too. By coming back into the country your reporting to Immigration and the 90-days starts again from that point.
  11. 30 seconds on Google can find you anything
  12. Why do Thai banks talk about credit cards ? There are no credit cards in Thailand. No credit is advanced by the banks against the cards. The cards are secured by twice the "credit" limit being held by the bank.
  13. And reforming the police ? ? ? ? Wasn't that a goal of the junta ! ! ! !
  14. Manslaughter - the crime of killing a human being without malice aforethought, or otherwise in circumstances not amounting to murder. Come on P.G. Pongpat, where is the word INTENT in there. You are a disgrace to His Majesty police service. You do not deserve the titles Police General nor even Khun.
  15. It is great to see that the government has re-educated the news media sufficiently to encourage that it concentrates on such vital and newsworthy subjects as this. Presumably we will get a similar article at sometime in August to so that we will able to celebrate and rejoice in the sun coming back south..