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  1. Every time i have seen a nest they were in trees or eves of houses. When i was stung it was very painful!
  2. I have been stung by these hornets, very painful! Each sting left a bleeding would like an injection would. Neck and ear also a sensitive area. I had the nest burnt out that night.
  3. Luang Prabang for sure is ok and when i was in Phonsavan (plain of jars) i met single ladies travelling. I would suggest you take normal precautions travel by reputable companies.
  4. Khan did make that statement, the timing of it does not excuse the <deleted> at all.
  5. The two times i crossed into Laos, they would only allow the bike two weeks, even with me explaining i needed longer. Insurance was not the issue. Quite strange really.
  6. Great photo's! Were you only allowed 2 weeks for the car visa? It's frustrating wanting to go there for a month long ride and being given two weeks. There must be a way around that.
  7. Is this taken from the new bridge? Thanks for the reference! :)
  8. Learning the Thai language has nothing to do with accepting the dual price scamming. The national park costs 1,000% more for a tourist / ex-pat then a Thai citizen. Comparing it to the cost of a coffee in another country is absurd. Boring, yet here you are commenting! How are tourists etc to learn, if not for forums like this?
  9. Easy to stop these scum, charge them the "farang" price to enter the park.
  10. I am always alone on my travels. I found when talking to groups of Thai people i have met, they are really surprised and can't understand traveling alone. Each to their own.
  11. The lady is obviously in need of help, not retarded observations from you.
  12. View from Cat Ba Fort, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam.
  13. We are poorer due to the excessive amount we pay to the EU layabouts. Richer we will be.
  14. Hanoi will be cooler, stay at the old quarter, easy to walk about from there. Go to Cat Ba Island, wonderful and easy for trips in the bay less crowded than Ha Long Bay :)
  15. Why was the PCX a back buster? Did it still have the stupid little back rest lump in the middle of the seat? If os i would agree no good. But by removing that and leveling the seat with extra foam i found that it is the most comfortable bike i have ever ridden. Pattaya to Nong Khai in a day, with just a slight shoulder ache. But any bike needs to be comfortable for long trips.