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  1. Thanks for bringing that up, Not sure who is responsible or what the people on the Soi have done to the City, but in this area I do not of any other Soi that is more need of a complete drain and paving project. Every Soi in the area is good but this Soi, yes you need more than a trail bike.
  2. Aside from driving on the other side of the road, you do know that vehicles were invented in the West and so were the rules of driving in Thailand which basically is completely the same as from the West. The only difference is Thai have taken those rules and turn them upside down to a point it can't be recognized. Those who justify the way they drive here as this being Thailand, even a Thai MP, year ago wrote in the Bangkok Post that those Thai who justify doing things wrong as this " is Thailand " like yourself are ignorant and blind to the truth, the more patriot the person the more stupid they are '. Stop while you are ahead and that isn't very far. I guess a person speeding being reckless driving being on the wrong side of the road and crashing is the bobcats fault. Did you even noticed anything aside from not wanting to be wrong and in doing so look even more silly in responding to continue to justify.
  3. Sorry buddy you are so off mark it isn't funny. I've work along with the Department of Transportation for near 4 decades and with the California Hwy patrol. Poster #6 has got it right and I will add to it. First watch the video again and look top left of the video, you will see what looks like a Sidecart come down dirt road and make a slow right and stop. Near the end of the video you will see another bike down sliding into the picture towards the Sidecart and the driver of sidecart rush out to help. Second, now watch the video again in regards to the accident, as noted when the driving on the proper side of the road and what seems at legal speed goes by the pedestrian from right to left, a few seconds later the bike crashing comes into the picture, before it even reaches the bobcat it is already down and sliding, what you will noticed is down at a high speed, this can be determine just by the tire marks on the floor, the marks can determine if the brakes were applied and how. The fact that even after he was down he went another 100 in distance. All the markings are evidence to determine the speed of the biker. What we don't see is what cause the speeding biker to go down. What we can't confirm is whether the second down bike top left is the same biker who just went by earlier? What I do know from watching the video and I've seen hundreds if not thousands the first down bike was doing something they shouldn't and first off is the speeding. Also, notice the bend in the road in the beginning of the video I notice opposite side a another vehicle overtaking a slower one. The road is clearly in my opinion one lane going in each direction. I have a good idea the biker down was speeding and trying to overtake others in front of him heading into the bend? Not sure if the driver is dead if not he is lucky surely if he would be dead if he hit the bobcat. See a rider on a bike is unprotected, cement nor a ton of steel feel any pain. That is something Thai drivers haven't figure out yet.
  4. If shame is what it takes to get people to do something simple so be it! Bravo Bravo, if it save one life it is worth the shaming! The biggest problem there is plenty to go around in Thailand. Instead of feeling shame get off your butts and go help the guy. The government got people so use to being walk all over they just accept it instead of helping and complaining sooner. Not bashing just fact what is going on here.
  5. Rumors, it all fake media!
  6. Based on your own words, I reaffirm my suggestion to you. You could live with her for another 5 years and I don't think you would even know anything more than you know today. I wish you luck but there is lots being said here with your respond that you will need all the luck in the world to make it work. Personally you sound clueless. Good luck,
  7. You should hold off until you know what you are doing? You are living in fantasy land?
  8. This is sadly the truth about things here. They seem to have lots of money for useless show boating but haven't invested into a national system to monitor every legal driver throughout the country with a touch of the button. Every time Section 44 is used it is a admission that a problem isn't being enforced. When will they wake up and smell the coffee. Look at the list and there is nothing as to how to address the behavior of the driver/drivers, driving is a privilege not a right. Changing that would be a good start.
  9. Unless you opt out after the Happy Ending and just tug the sucker back in? At this rate they might even charge you for the alcohol wipe? Looks like a attempt to put soapy out of business for that type of increase? Now the power struggle will really start?
  10. You got too much time on your hand, go get some damn pussy that will get you to forget about the fan.
  11. The good especially in Bangkok, last for 3 days, here in Pattaya it goes on for like two weeks which first time is tiring thereafter it just is a headache. It goes on and on what is wrong with the whole event can be view here in Pattaya area. The leaders should designate 3 days of celebration all over Thailand the same dates and that is it, it just might save lives on the road.
  12. Sorry, I hope it works out for you. But based on what you posted you knew full will the terms of the contract whether it was written or verbal. You even said " now you know how hard it is to get one" so taking the vehicle isn't really a threat it was the term of agreement.
  13. This a great idea, who can pass up anything for free? During Songkran, to make better use of these inspection centers and save cost get them setup with the police tents so the police have plenty of company sitting and playing cards while all the violators goes by. Wave a bottle of Sangsome or Leo that would get them to put in for the inspection. Before they do, I would like to be the first to declare this to be a success now.
  14. I was already in my own Happy Zone, before this nonsense started. I wonder how much it is going to cost owners to be in these zones. Is their own playground going to be included, all the local places on 3rd road, Naklau, is the Thai Soi 6, off Sukhumvit behind the Esso Gas station included?
  15. Am I missing something? The headlines mentions Go Go and Nudity, then the news or the rest of the article is about a raid on Dance 2? from the description this seems to be a Thai club/disco unless I miss a Go Go called Dance 2, that is located in W.S.? What we got here too " Fake Media "?