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  1. Just make sure to copy the footage before handing it over to them and problem is solved.
  2. Land of scams and nothing else. Price of land in my country (Europe) is also way cheaper than here but salaries there are way higher. Everyone is cheating here, even the land office where the prices are way off the sale price, too. Just scams and scams everywhere. If someone buys for these ridiculous prices, up to them. And people saying that "I will never sell", well, if you think you can take it with you when you die, you will be surpsised how priceless the land becomes when you lay on the deathbed.
  3. maybe for now but you never know when they change their mind
  4. I was told again (at the immigration) that 2 witnesses must still come with us to the immigration, is this really true? I am getting frustrated with having to ask neighbours to go with us during working hours when they have to work. Should not this be required for the first year only? Can I file a complaint somewhere?
  5. Pattaya officials admitted Dec. 15 that the 1.8-billion-baht plant has been processing only 20 percent of the 65,000 cu. meters of water it is supposed to be treating each day. The rest has simply been flowing out untreated and leaking from unmaintained pipes and storage tanks. Nice....
  6. hahaha, the question is if anyone will pey her those 6 mil per rai, especially if no power or water, as you say :) as for me, I really doubt it (I would not pay)
  7. Check how the local caught it barehanded, wow!
  8. Why not go directly to the immigration office? Should not take more than 30 minutes...
  9. I can sell you one with seaview in Chonburi for slightly over 500k (of course it is 30 sqm but I suppose you did not expect more)
  10. so mercury levels in the rivers are low already? good to hear that :)
  11. Indeed, I overlooked this one. Thanks for pointing it out.
  12. Well, I can easily afford to buy tens of TEs so rest assured you have absolutely nothing that I could envy you :-) I just do not like this clause, it is unilateral and not fair.
  13. Why? Is there come compensation that they would have to pay in such a case? I do not see anything in the T&C. They can cancel it and you do not get anything since you agreed to the T&C and signed it.
  14. OK, they can cancel an extension of stay, or standard visa for a reason (and we all know there must be some reason to cancel it), but not if I pay 1 million Baht and buy the visa. If I pay this money, I want to be sure that unless I give them a reason, they will not cancel it unilaterally. This is one of the reasons I would consider buying this but if I have to worry that it can be cancelled any day, well, this is not so good offer in the end and does not make me sleep well. Why buy something with 20 years validity when it can be void the next day. I will stick to standard visa, they did not convince me with this offer, especially in a country ruled by the military, this can change anytime.
  15. strangely enough, no acts of God in these T&Cs, and instead "any order, rule, regulation, or law announced by any related government authority" very strange indeed