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  1. Cruising around the city on a bicycle doing some shopping or whatever is similar exercise to walking except you can go a lot further and faster for the same effort. Cycling doesn't have to be Tour de France time trials and lycra shorts.
  2. I have not visited for 20 years but basically once you get to the park HQ various trails are marked on a board and you go for a hike.
  3. I would say today is the worst day so far for pollution. Mountain was totally obscured this morning. Other landmarks were more feint than normal in the greyness. I went out on some errands for an hour or so by bicycle and I can feel mild sore throat now. Pm2.5 254 at 12:00 Yupparaj.
  4. The last upgrade was only done a year or so back? It also took longer than initially planned so don't be surprised if it's still closed at Christmas.
  5. China Airlines fly direct to BKK also.
  6. British Airways and AA work closely together on transatlantic flights so BA BKK to LHR and then BA or AA to IAD. BA even fly to Baltimore. Any connection less than 24 hours is not classed as a stopover so a long stop in London is a possibility for shopping or whatever. The pound is historically low against the dollar. BA are in the process of squeezing more seats into their aircraft though but if the price/miles is right?
  7. Qatar Airways is One World so that could be an option out of CM but it's probably less miles from BKK. Qatar Airways always add a premium onto destinations not served by other major airlines so I am not expecting any bargains out CM until Emirates or Etihad start services if ever.
  8. What area has one rai at 55k ? I am assuming it's it's a huge distance from Chiang Mai city.
  9. Chiang Mai having a city centre airport is a big advantage for the city. Ground transportation and multi story car park needs sorting out but that applies to the whole city not just the airport. It's common all over the world for aircraft to fly over built up areas so that's not really an safety issue in 2017. If you don't like aircraft noise don't live at either end the runway. The rest of the city is hardly affected by aircraft noise. So imo I hope the airport remains in the city for a long time and I can continue to enjoy the convenience ince of it and low cost to many destinations.
  10. It was raining all over Thailand including Bangkok in early January. This is the Chiang Mai forum though and a topic about rain in CM. there won't be much Bangkok info on here.
  11. Thai Airways have "ticket offices" at BKK , CNX, HKT airports etc. At the airports the call them "ticket counters". You can sort this out at the airport. No need to visit them in a downtown location.
  12. The airport has a free connecting bus going from the terminal and various airport sites to the airport bus station. At the bus station ask for the minibus to DMK. As stated above there is little luggage space but you can buy another seat and put you baggage on it.
  13. Ever since Bangkok has had two airports operating there has been minibus service between the two airports. 50 baht each way. You never wait more than a few minutes before its full and sets off on the expressway. It departs outside DMK where the tour buses park and often drops you off outside BKK terminal rather than the airport bus station. It departs BKK from the airport bus station and drops off outside DMK terminal 1. Lots of passengers are airport staff.
  14. The modern way Is for airlines to factor in some delay time into their official scheduled times. In reality BKK to CM may be 55mins or an hour but the airline may state it's a 1 hour 20 min (or longer) flight for example so they can run late by 15 mins and still be on time and statistically build up some good ontime numbers. So to be officially 15 mins late might mean 30 mins late in the real world.
  15. As stated above parking on a remote stand is cheaper than using a stand with an air bridge. Bangkok Airways use remote stands a lot at BKK and the issue they need to work on is getting the bus to start moving within minutes of boarding. I have travelled with PG many times and being directed to the bus and then standing on it for 15 minutes or more, armpits in all directions, before it sets off to the aircraft is not a good experience. Sometimes you have to stay on it "forever" when it gets to the aircraft because it's not ready to board. Then you are stood waiting on the tarmac in the heat, then you are stuck on the stairs. It's not always like this. Probably more than half of my flights have used the airbridges at BKK. The lounge is good and the airfares can be cheaper than the low cost airlines. They are a professional airline imo but they are not very good with buses.