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  1. My main complaint is the complete rip of for medicines. My last visit included 48o baht for a small tube of Deep Heat !! A couple of times I checked both Bangkok and Samui International and found they have billed 2 or 3 times the price of an outside pharmacy.
  2. In casual speech I would use ก็เลย or ดัวนั็น slightly more formal would be จึง
  3. Plenty of foreign finance professionals but guess bringing those in would highlight how weak the Thais are. They may also struggle at first to adapt to the corrupt markets here.
  4. We used to use both and you are correct that they share a lot of infrastructure when connecting internationally so will both have the same problems. Much of their infrastructure withing Thailand does not seem to be shared and we had several cases where one was down or experiencing performance problems and the other was not. The main difference we found was that the TOT helpline was really dire if you have problems. They just work off a script and will not listen if you tell them what the issue is. It takes just takes a lot longer to solve the problem.
  5. Just imagining the outrage in most of the West if transgenders were targeted just for the well known fact they are more likely than other groups to be involved in crime.
  6. She had a total of 84 boxes of pills available for sale, which would cost 40,000 Baht. (i.e. 476 Baht per box) Police quickly altered the plan slightly and asked if they could buy a further 50 boxes of a cheaper brand, totaling 44,000. (i.e. 880 Baht per box). This must be Thai maths if 880 is cheaper than 476.
  7. Suggest you read up or get a dog trainer to to teach you how to behave around dogs. If you have been attacked 4 times in a month the problem is you rather than the dogs. Except if a dog has rabies very few dogs will attack someone who is not being aggressive to them.
  8. Actually neither of those words are pronounced in Japanese or Mandarin in the same way as they are in English. Those words are also pronounced quite differently in various English dialects. Most of the world does not speak English in any of its forms. If you want to transliterate a language linguists around the world use the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Many of the symbols are from the Roman script and in quite a few cases pronunciation of those Roman letters is the same as i most forms of English making it slightly easier for English speakers to learn. It is a shame it is not more widely taught and used. Especially if you learn more than one language the effort is well worth it. I notice that Thai textbooks and dictionaries are increasingly using or including the IPA which I think is a very good step.
  9. "They are difficult for drivers to see as there are no lights and I don't think most Samui drivers respect them at all . " In Samui why should drivers stop at most of these ? My understanding is that (like the guys stopping traffic to give preference to hotel customers) most of these in Samui are not proper government crossings they are just illegally set up by resorts. If that is the case they should be fined, forced to remove them and held liable for any accidents they cause.
  10. Totally agree that learning languages is extremely enriching and probably the only way to appreciate and understand other cultures and concepts. However that is not the same thing at all as saying that the language caused the concepts, culture or way of thinking. Check any Linguistic textbook as many scholars have studied this in vast detail. Lectures in a couple of courses from The Teaching Company explain the work around this especially well. The consensus is pretty clearly that the strong Shapir-Wharf hypothesis is wrong a language does not dictate or change how we think. There is some split over people who accept a weak hypothesis (the language affects thinking in a limited way) and those who think it has no effect.
  11. I would imagine Singapore, Hong Kong etc probably require at least high school education and in practice that is higher than a Thai degree.
  12. The "Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis" has been demonstrated as false. The guy was completely wrong about the language he based it on. Turned out the Indian language he said had no words for time had just as many as most other languages he just didn't know them. Later studies show that language may have a small influence on how we think (e.g.languages which assign gender to nouns have some impact on how speakers view that noun) but that is about it.
  13. Really ? It definitely used to be in years gone by, but I thought by now everyone knows how to download their own counterfeit software free from Torrent sites.
  14. Probably a real cop doing some voluntary overtime.
  15. "Samphan said the O-NET test for Prathom 6 level was held yesterday at 186 exam centres covering 4,182 exam sites and 807,087 applicants. The O-NET test for Mathayom 3 level was held yesterday and today at 227 exam centres covering 4,329 exam sites and 688,979 applicants. The O-NET test for Mathayom 6 level will be held on February 18 and 19 at 18 exam centres covering 405 exam sites and 394,343 applicants." If I understand this correctly this means that only about half of kids sitting primary school exams get as far as sitting the exam to complete high school. No idea what proportion pass. I don't know what the equivalent would be in other countries but to me that seems very scary and sad.