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  1. No. They ARE the actual robots developed by the department, while the devices you see in the foreground are the ones previously purchased from abroad.
  2. Her arrogant, patronizing and condescending attitude alone makes me want to slap the crap out of her. And isn't it pathetic how this type of people always feel that they have been "defamed" and "lost face" whenever their disgusting behavior is exposed on the internet? In fact, they have defamed themselves the very moment they acted like a spoiled brat and are entirely and solely responsible for their perceived loss of face. Behave like a civilized, decent and respectful person instead of a complete a**h**e and nobody will want to film you or post the clip anywhere. It's so easy to protect your precious face and reputation.
  3. We all know what that means in Thai speak: zero maintenance
  4. Not 250 grams (a quarter kilo), but 251 milligrams (a quarter of a gram). If 251 milligrams earn 15 years in prison, she would've received 14,940 years if she had had 250 grams. I think this puts the insanity of Yuyee's sentence into perspective quite clearly. On the other hand, this monster of a father gets away with just 21 years for his horrendous crime - and without doubt will be paroled in a few years. The juristic principle that the severity of punishment must fit the severity of the crime committed is a concept that appears to have absolutely no meaning in Thailand. We see it almost every day. A young woman without driving license kills 9 people and gets a suspended sentence of two years and a few hours of "community service" (and we all remember how she even tried to avoid that one), while an elderly couple receives 15 years for picking wild mushrooms in a protected forest reserve.
  5. These two short words sum it up quite accurately. Yet I could think of more two-word combinations that'd shed additional light on the situation... banana republic inept government financial mismanagement empty coffers factual bankruptcy
  6. This government is basically bankrupt. It's the only way to explain why they have been announcing a series of astonishing excise tax hikes for many goods, want to even tax sugary soft drinks, consider raising the VAT rate, eye restructuring personal income tax rates, and - last but not least - suddenly are chasing after Thaksin's tax money again. Yet they still desperately NEED submarines...
  7. Isn't it amazing how some people in this so-called Buddhist country can apparently explode in the blink of an eye over the most trifle of issues and resort to utterly violent reactions that stand in no proportion to the "offense" allegedly committed by the opposing party? Especially among the adult population, which should have learned some restraint and reasoning over mindless action, the generally prevailing inability to maturely deal with confrontations of any kind is absolutely baffling. I've said it before, I'll say it again: This is largely a nation of hot-headed 10-year-olds, and regardless of what the individual's biological age may be.
  8. Aaaah, the cream of the crop of Thailand's entirely unbiased, totally neutral, wholesomely objective press corps - and even more so now that they each have accepted a commemorative coin from Big Brother.
  9. I'm sure they are both weeping bitterly into their pillows now. I mean they've been stripped of their fans, for goodness' sake! It's like taking away a little boy's fire engine or a little girl's favorite barbie doll. Actually, I misunderstood the headline at first and thought their worshippers had been taken away, their fan club dissolved. Monastic fans...
  10. Can we book and file a complaint at the same time? It'd be more efficient that way, as we'd only need to start the app once.
  11. I am actually quite perplexed by the many OTP comments posted here. I’m even more flabbergasted that some moronic netizens (I really hate that stupid term!) and the usual RTP posse have branded this woman as being Thailand’s “cruelest” (superlative!) mother and as some sort of a monster. Certainly, what she did was not warranted and she should’ve thought of another method of disciplining her son and teaching him that it was wrong to (apparently repeatedly) steal money from her. But labeling her “cruelest” mother is just laughable. Have we all – especially the reactionary, self-righteous netizens (there it is again!) – forgotten the horror stories that frequently appear in the local press? I am talking about children scalded with boiling water, children seared with lit cigarettes, children bruised and battered to a pulp, children being stomped on their heads by their mothers or fathers or step parents. Unfortunately, netizens’ (loathe!) memories are often as short as their typing is quick with attaching ridiculous labels to people.
  12. So which creatively cooked-up stories did they present, respectively? Can't wait to learn more. Am in dire need of a good laugh.
  13. So she allegedly bought those land plots with money that was given to her by the temple, after which she allowed the temple to freely use the newly acquired plots while on paper she remained the de-facto owner? I am not sure how a lawyer would twist that around, but to me this is money laundering, plain and simple. Those wretched monks can proclaim their innocence as loudly and noisily as they want, but it is becoming increasingly clear that this temple and its corrupt inhabitants are entangled in more financial crimes than one can shake a stick at. Almost every week something new comes to light - and almost always some big-wig "follower" is somehow involved. Shame on this abomination of a so-called Buddhist temple, in which the only thing worshipped appears to be mammon.
  14. So she got a mere 8 years for smuggling 24 KILOGRAMS of marijuana. Meanwhile, "someone else" received 15 years for 251 MILLIGRAMS of cocaine. (Actually, the initial police report said 5 - yes, FIVE! - milligrams, but that amount "miraculously" transformed into 251 milligrams in a later report...) Sometimes I really think sentences in this country are drawn from a hat by the judges. It all seems so random.
  15. When even a public prosecutor - and a high-ranking police officer at that - is involved in a serious crime like this, there really is no hope for the justice system in this country, is there? Look at these horns. Each one represents one dead rhino. It is truly disgusting!