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  1. If the convict (would have)voted for Trump that would be a sure sign of low intelligence.
  2. Who are you referring to then?
  3. Are you referring to the French diving instructor Jean-Francois Louet who was suffering from disorientation after diving in Indonesia? He got off a ferry bound for Koh Tao in Surat Thani to buy some cigarettes but never came back .
  4. I just renewed my insurance last week. There was very little talk about a nude lady as far as I remember.
  5. He should have gone to Thai Military Bank. Very liberal with the credit cards.
  6. 2 fully qualified mountaineers Their biceps and muscular torsos are well hidden though.
  7. General Prayuth spent his entire career in the army. First receiving and implementing orders, no questions asked,-just do it- and then as he rose up the ranks, issuing orders that were in turn never questioned-just do it!! Thus he sees problems as obstacles, which once worked out by the top brass, can easily be solved by ordering the necessary action. But running a country is a far more complicated task than running an army, and in spite of section 44 he sees a myriad of problems remain. And so he gets frustrated and angry and lashes out. But as many know, problems of bad driving, for example, will take years to improve- education regarding driving on a public road and fear of the consequences of bad driving are essential. These will take time, a decade or more if sincerely pursued.
  8. Thai3 will be interested in that. He's a big fan of Got.
  9. Yes, as a teen we used to say, 'Hey, that's cool man, 'which simply meant approval in some form. 'He's really cool' meant to us a guy was handsome/ had many girls interested in him/ was individualistic/ anti authority in some way in our heads). Being English, I don't think we ever called girls cool, it was more of a guy thing. Peter Fonda was cool, John Kay more so imo- right a freedom fighter, tough yet also sensitive.
  10. I met Princess Anne's Bentley on a street in Hull back in 72 and nearly got killed for it. The police had closed the road waiting for her motorcade to pass, but being young and reckless, I made a dash for it across the road, just missing her front bumper. There were a few gasps from the crowd and a policeman wagged his finger at me but luckily I was safe. Princess Anne was famous in those days for her sharp tongue, she once told some reporters to 'naff off!' What a great high-so expression!
  11. This is one of the advantages of not being wealthy. No one scratches my Toyota pick-up or burgles our house. Actually it used to surprise me years ago how expensive cars such as Mercedes-Benz would sometimes be parked on roads next to slums and yet they would never be vandalized. Had your friend HG upset the security guards in some way?
  12. If the Unionists in Northern Ireland still wish to remain in the EU as they did in last year's referendum (55.8% remain 44.2% leave), it will be a lot easier than Scotland's case. Simply unite with the South, an existing member already.