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  1. Cabby at fault as well. Merging is not something the Thai do well.
  2. If someone has been teaching faithfully at a school for 3 years under proper non-B visa with work permits and such, and the school has informed them 1 month before the contract ends that they are being let go (no renewal of contract), are they entitled to some compensation? Thanks in advance.
  3. Can anyone recommend a "best" (cost, reliability etc..) place for meningitis vaccination in Chiangmai? Preferably a clinic where it might be cheaper, but not against hospitals if that's the only options. Thanks in advance.
  4. Sad. <200B at any pharmacy would have taken care of that infection.
  5. Hi, does this location look correct for Dr Rak? https://goo.gl/maps/fbLjw28dS392
  6. Okay. That makes sense. THanks @SaintLouisBlues
  7. Thanks. Hypothetically, am I correct in assuming that if I get insurance, they likely wouldn't cover something like cancer if I made a claim within 90 days? I know each is different, but generally speaking....I believe I read that Bupa would be even longer, something like 6 months.
  8. Thank you all for the great advice. Can anyone tell me approximate cost for a biopsy? I've got no insurance. Maybe smarter to get insurance before going to the Dr? Or better to go and get it checked ASAP? Can I still get insurance if I've been diagnosed? Eg, to cover chemo etc... I'm in Chiangmai now. Normally I live 75km outside CM, but here to see Dr in evening. What about treatment, how much does that typically run? A lot of questions, I know.
  9. Terrible timing. The online reporting still seems to be down. Anyone having any luck?
  10. No, I haven't been diagnosed. This is what I'm looking for...A recommended specialist in diagnosing...
  11. I seem to recall there's some insurance for work permit holders...For teachers. But I can't remember the details. Am I remembering incorrectly? Anyone have more information?
  12. Anyone can recommend a reasonable priced throat specialist in CM. Particularly in diagnosing. I'm thinking Maharaj 13th floor, anybody with other suggestions?
  13. I think much is lost on the whiskey soured holier-than-though turds.
  14. I agree, man. I'm just going to throw a wild guess out there that it was a real visa she paid $800 for. And since she paid $800, it must be assumed fake by TAT. How the F would a visa made by the real Thai consulate show as fake in a "visa machine"?
  15. This makes no sense. A fake visa from the real consulate? What cause would they have to think it's fake? Poor woman. Paraded on camera and the Thai officers all proud of their big bust.