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  1. Thanks for the feedback. No mention of a TM30 then? I've always found Jomptien Immigration to be fine. The only issue that I've ever had was one time when the bod on the front desk refused to give me a ticket for a re-entry permit as he said that I was too late and the office was far too busy. In fact, it was early afternoon and the place was almost empty so I don't know what the problem was. Otherwise everything has been fine and they are usually quick and efficient - best to avoid Mondays and Fridays though..
  2. Have you ever registered your address using a TM30 or just by 90-day reporting? If you have never never submitted a TM30 , a lot of local people would be very interested if this presents any problem when applying for your extension so please report back. I have to extend in June - never done a TM30 - not been out of the country since 2011 - address has been in the system since 2005. Never been asked for a TM30 but it seems that Jomtien may now require one. Mass confusion about this.
  3. OK by me. I want to clarify something though. LoveThailandelite seems to say that not abiding by the rules is OK 'Until you get caught' - but I don't think that he really meant to say that. Getting 'caught' somehow implies that you are trying to circumvent the law. I am absolutely not trying to do that - quite the opposite in fact. I will abide by the regulations here - stupid as some of them are - unless they become so onerous as to make life here really difficult. We are a long way from that situation but, if it gets too bad, I shall be off to pastures new.
  4. I reckon I'll leave the date blank - they can tell me what they want me to do. There will be no record of a previous TM30 as there has never been one. They may have records of my occasional stays in Bangkok I suppose and my last entry date is on my TM6 and in my passport.
  5. I do, of course, want to be 100% legal here. I'll submit the TM30 if Immigration want me to but I want to avoid getting fined for not doing something that I've been told that I don't need to do! I guess that sooner or later I'm going to have to submit the form but the question remains - what residence date am I supposed to put on it? As we all know, Immigration can interpret the rules as it suits them and you never really know just what they want from you until you front up on the day. Having said that, I've never had any issues at Jomptien - and I want to keep it that way.
  6. Well, this is all getting very confusing. I am on a retirement extension and have been for twelve years. I have also lived at the same address for all that time - house in in wife's name. I have not left Thailand for several years - last time was in 2011. I use the Jomptien office for 90-day reports and annual extensions. I have never been asked for a TM30. However, when this TM30 thing started to rear its ugly head, maybe about a year ago, I did try to submit one. The officer just laughed and told me that as I had been registered with the Jomptien office for twelve years there was no need for me to submit the form. He further told me that the only time that a TM30 would be required was if I left Thailand and re-entered - then I should abide by the 24-hour rule. He also told me that if I was visiting somewhere out of province - e.g. overnight stay in Bangkok, which I do occasionally, there was no need to submit a TM30 if I was returning to my registered address. So, fine, nothing to do - except that I have the feeling that I'm going to get fined sooner or later for not submitting the blasted form! I did a 90-day report last month - no mention of the TM30, neither was there at my last annual extension, last June. If I try to submit one now, as many posters seem to think is a good idea, what on earth do I put down for the residence date? The last true date that I took up residence after returning to Thailand was somewhere back in 2011. I could, of course, put down the date as the day before I front up to Immigration but that would fairly obviously be false. What to do?
  7. Alan, I renewed my UK passport last year but the application form is still the same now as it was then. I kept a copy of my filled in form so I can tell you what I put on it. Answer 'YES' as you have had previous passports. They are only interested in uncancelled passports and you probably only have one - the one that is about to expire and that you are renewing. Therefore put '1' in the 'how many' box and then just put the number of your current passport in the first of the number fields. You don't need to provide any information about previously expired and cancelled passports. This worked OK for me.
  8. The default username and password for DLink routers is probably admin and admin. Certainly used to be the case on my DLink router, now retired.
  9. Try a different address. Maybe See here for a list of common ZTE addresses.
  10. Should be fine I think. Omron have quite a range of BP monitors - differ in detail but all basically do the same major functions.
  11. Omron are certainly OK. I've had their HEM7200 model for several years and apart from changing the batteries once it's needed no attention. Comes with a mains adapter anyway. Does the usual functions - Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse and also detects irregular heartbeat and movement while in operation. Has a memory function and will even take the average of the last three readings, which is useful. The recommendation is to take three readings over a ten minute period and take the average. I can't remember what I paid for it but it didn't seem excessive at the time. Widely available from places like Boots or Fascino.
  12. You get micro-bending losses in a fibre optic cable, every time that you have a bend in the cable run, so you do need to avoid bends, where possible. The industry standard seems to be that the minimum bend radius should not be less than 20X the cable diameter. If your cable is indeed 1/32" diameter then you can probably get away with right angle bends in the normal yellow conduit, provided that the conduit is not too small. Using a conduit to protect the cable is a very good idea. Take a look at this site if you want to know more.
  13. Could be to avoid sharp bends in the cable. You need to maintain a certain bend radius with fibre optic cables - not the same as with copper. Does seem to be an excessively large hole though.
  14. Allegedly, Mark Twain had something to do with the quote as well. Seems to be attributed to several people. To get back on topic though, I think that problem is that there is evidence that cyclical climate shifts have been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. The evidence for that is locked in the antarctic ice cores and elsewhere. I don't believe that there is too much disagreement that the global climate, overall, is currently in a warming phase. The issue really is in deciding if the man-made contribution to this is significant and, if it is, whether we can do anything about it. I suspect that the answers are 'not really' and 'very little, if anything'. I don't have any problem with trying to reduce man-made pollution levels - must be awful in China - but we shouldn't assume that by so doing we are going to cure 'global warming' or have any significant effect on 'climate change'.