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  1. A little clarification is needed please with Form TM28. Can one wait until one's next 90 Day Report is Due to submit the TM28 Form at Immigration? Or must one go immediately to submit the TM28 upon moving to a new home, even when one is staying within the same Immigration district? Trekking to Chaeng Wattana is no if I can minimize the trips without breaking any rules that would be good. Thank you for helping with this query.
  2. So the conclusion that I am getting is that each time you move from one condo to another, you need to personally go to the Immigration office of your jurisidiction and deliver to them a new TM28? This must be done in person? And does anyone know what is the grace period for this paperwork to be filed?
  3. I see. But I do the 90 Day Report by EMS Mail to Chaeng Wattana. Can I include the completed and signed TM28 Form with my next 90 Day Report by Mail? Or do I need to personally go to Immigration with the 90 Day Report AND the TM28 Form since I have changed my home address?
  4. Thank you, Joe. After completing Form TM 28, can I mail it in to my local Immigration office (which is Chaeng Wattana for BKK)? And whom should I address the Form to? Or do I need to personally visit the Immigration office?
  5. I am staying in Thailand on an extension of Non-Immigrant Retirement "visa." Moving this week to a new home address in the same zone (same street). Do I need to inform Immigration of an address change before my next 90 Day Report is due? Is there a special form to use? How to dowload the form and where does the form need to be sent? Do I need to personally submit a form at Immigration (Chaeng Wattana)? Thanking all of you for your experienced replies.
  6. My annual "retirement visa" extension is coming up soon, and this will be the first time i will be applying for the extension while married to a Thai citizen. Previously, i applied by myself, and showed Immigration the 800K deposited in BKK Bank to qualify for the extension. This year, i will show them only 400K in the bank, as required by someone who is married to a Thai citizen. But i do not know the rules required by Immigration to verify my marriage status at the time of extending my "retirement visa." Of course i have the marriage paper from the Amphur. What other documents do i need to prove my marital status? Do i need to physically bring the wife for her to sign something at Immigration? Or can i go alone and just bring a copy of her ID card for Immigration? I would like to hear from folks who have gone from being single to married and applied for their one year extensions with this changed status (and the lower amount of bank savings required to show Immigration). Thanks for your help!
  7. Yesterday in this Forum i asked what papers a farang needs to marry a Thai national at a local Amphur office. The replies were great -- full of tips, guidance, and a dash of dark humor. I had failed to mention that i am a US citizen and was previously married to an american and then legally divorced there. My follow up question is: do i need a separate Affidavit from my Consulate confirming my divorce? Will the Amphur require both a "Divorce" Affidavit and a "Free to Marry" Affidavit translated and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Chaeng Wattana? Or will the original certified "Free to Marry" Affidavit and translation suffice? Thanks.
  8. "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." - Albert Einstein