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  1. At least Tops were being proactive, wonder which one of the supermarkets will be the first to solicit donations for a submarine
  2. Probably not even recorded as a lost time accident
  3. And as the BIB have the loan books in hand, I wonder if they'll be auctioned off to the highest bidder?
  4. From UK Guardian online version today. NHS workers urged to be alert for sepsis and treat within an hour https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/mar/10/nhs-workers-urged-be-alert-for-sepsis-and-treat-within-an-hour?
  5. Not sure why the headline here isn't consistent with the one that comes if the link in the original posting is clicked. Difference being the word "upcountry " New taxi fares in upcountry announced
  6. Is the P90 like a husband and wife couple that have both just been paid off from their employer and have their P45's Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  7. On a positive note, if the departure passengers don't have time to spend money in the Duty Free area, I'm quite sure Mr KingPower will not allow that to continue for long and for sure (allegedly) he's got a special relationship somewhere that can swing this to his advantage. Of course we may not be talking about extra Immigration officers on duty, but the airline check-in counters having to open an hour earlier than they currently are required to. Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  8. Do you think that Thai Immigration department can just spend a lot of extra cash on having more staff at the airport. They don't generate an income and for sure are under budget constraints. When TAT are hoping for another 5 million arrivals next year, do you think they give Thai Immigration the extra budget to handle those extra arrivals? When was the last time you were in a Tesco Lotus or BigC supermarket and all the counters were manned and the customer wasn't having to wait. These are profit oriented companies and they will still have queues that aren't flowing smoothly and customers that are getting irate... Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  9. Yes and the same applies in that area. You plan on arriving 2 hours before your flight at 9 am and I plan on arriving 3 hours before my flight at 10 am. Add in the travel time to reach the airport and those that plan for bad traffic that doesn’t materialise and suddenly Immigration is faced with 2.5 times the number at that time. When people know there's going to be long queues they will arrive even earlier...more time now required to queue for Immigration Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  10. If everyone arrives at the airport exactly 3 hours before the scheduled (originally scheduled) departure time, there will be a smooth flow. If some arrive 4 hours, or 2 hours, or anywhere outside 15 minutes of the time that everyone is deciding is the correct arrival time, then the hassle starts.. Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  11. Actually many times its the fault of others. Especially if a number of unscheduled flights arrive into the airport at the busy period. When I say scheduled I refer to the flight that took off on time and arrived exactly on time. A delay in Europe because of bad weather can cause a delay of the arrival of that flight which makes the original scheduled arrival time quieter than usual..but the knock on effect is sometimes a disaster for the arrival airport. Everyone that has been on a flight arriving early or late, even 20 minutes either way can be a disaster for the arrival airport Immigration staff. Imagine 4 flights in a row arrive at the same time and over 50 of their passengers require a vaccination on arrival, the delay of this has an effect on them reaching Immigration at the expected time.
  12. It could be that the wrong amount is already being calculated and once a new higher rate is applied correctly it could result in a lower price to the consumer. Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  13. Interesting explanation of what it's all about http://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/business/2017/02/27/higher-booze-tax-doesnt-mean-higher-booze-tax-tax-office/ Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  14. I drink a lot of Champagne and wine. Granted because of cost I do end up drinking a lot more Prosecco than Champagne in Thailand. Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk