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  1. The people resisting trump goes beyond the Democratic party. The thread is not about the Democratic party. It's about anti-Trump resistance.
  2. I strongly suggest you treat others in a civil manner and stay on topic. One person is now on suspension. Posts have been removed.
  3. The police clearances that we usually get are done by the Royal Thai Police. I believe they contact the home and former countries of residence. The only people who have had a police clearance from their home country, were people who very recently arrived and were told to get one before they left. We have also had a few people who came from South Korea and had a police check from there, but again, they were very recent arrivals and had the police check done in anticipation of working in Thailand.
  4. An off-topic post has been removed. A post that was way, way, way off-topic. Replies also removed.
  5. Exactly what this is all about, alludes me, but it reminds me of when the Hippies started spreading the rumor that smoking banana peelings could get you high and there were police that were actually checking people for banana peelings. I have no idea what charge they would have arrested someone for if they had banana peelings, though. I remember the time when if you had a computer, you had to turn it on before you passed screening. Maybe that would be effective.
  6. One troll post has been removed.
  7. Off-topic posts removed. Continue and suspensions will be issued.
  8. Years ago, I dressed smart casual when I was flying. Now, I dress to get through the screening. That usually means shorts, no belt, a T-shirt/polo shirt and slip on shoes. Even then, there is the occasional dreaded beep, beep, but at least there is a lot less of me to get patted down.
  9. A troll post has been reported and removed.
  10. I like the remark about it being behind bullet proof glass. Were they afraid someone was going to shoot the coin?
  11. A regulation has the same force and effect as law and is generally considered to be an interpretation of a law. The law gives a broad statement and the regulation is how it is implemented. The regulations can be challenged in court if the intent is seen as going against the law.
  12. It was minted as a $1 million dollar coin. The value of the gold is $4 million. Just as some of the coins in existence today have metals that are more valuable the face value of the coin.
  13. A post with altered quotes has been removed. Do NOT alter the quote inside the quote box.
  14. A post condoning violence has been removed.
  15. In the past, one of the mitigating factors in deporting people, was that the deportation should not have a negative affect on a US citizen. Of course, those that have committed serious crimes should and do get the boot, but deportation of parents of US children, and in some cases those who are caretakers of a US citizen adult will be granted some leeway. In one case, an illegal alien who had married a US citizen who had died, was the primary caretaker for the the spouses elderly parent who was suffering from serious medical conditions, including Alzheimer's. With no criminal record, she was not deported. My understanding is that she had agreed that she would return to her home country when the Mother-in-Law passed away. She had no other immediate family in the US. These are the types of situations which make deportations difficult. Humanitarian considerations, including what is good for US citizens, need to be taken into consideration.