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  1. Don't would have been worded appropiately had it been as you hoped for 555.
  2. I'm not intending to move back home (yet) but if I was to, it would be for all the reasons the OP states.....except for two.... No.1...the climate back home (cold and wet most of the time) would kill me off more quickly than the Thai climate would.... No.2...It is no joy living any place when you don' t have enough money, even back home (no mon. no fun applies equally as much there as it does here). I have an old age pension, on this I manage to support myself and my wife, I have a car and a motorbike and my own home here in Thailand (I don't drink or smoke which is a great help). Back home I wouldn' t be able to afford a dog box to live in. One weeks rent fot a small room would be more weekly pension.
  3. An explaination of what's going on in the pic.might have been interesting. I thought the intruder came across some " fun and games" when he entered the house unannounced (when you consider the headline).
  4. Always grateful to be kept up to date with information that is important. It would have been very helpful though if it was explained in the post what an RCD was, for those of us who are not familiar with electrical jargon.
  5. I use the one in Pattaya, Sukhumvit Rd. You do need a member's card, easy enough to get by producing your passport at their customer desk Make sure to use it at least once every 3 months or it will be cancelled and you apply again if you wish to have another one.
  6. I'm waiting for ...." Video of man combing his hair goes viral".
  7. Let's not forget the Father.
  8. Looked like the motorcycle was on the wrong side of the road but nothing mentioned about that in the article.. so maybe not.
  9. Doesn't take much to make some people feel ashamed.
  10. "Why use 10 words....when you can use 10,000".. (or should that be the other way round)?
  11. I think worrying about it at 75 might be more harmful than the tablets. I take tablets myself for HBP.
  12. I feel sorry that you seem to have had many a bad experience over here and none of the fantastic ones that make life just great, including going home to a pad where you are surrounded with pics and stuff hanging on the wall of your loved ones and whatever....something you cannot do in a rented room.
  13. Get your point...myself though, I have some property in my name but I don't see it like I own it, I see it like I have the use of it on a daily basis. When my time is up....someone else will have the use of it.
  14. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase...."Get a life".