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  1. Try Aliexpress, i always order my reading glasses from there. Good luck
  2. there are active motorbike patrols that stop people ??
  3. Time to make an example , Death penalty would be a good punishment for 1 and life sentences for the other 2. Maybe then this cowardly attacks with uncontrolled anger will stop.
  4. Went today to make an extension on my business visa. Arrived 08:25 , got Que number 1 at 08:35 and was served at 09:00 AM. Love this new location.
  5. Update , they start handing out the Que numbers at 08:30. Yesterday there was a guy in front of me with 6 passports , he had 4 kids so no more numbers left for me. Today i went at 8:15 ,with a one day overstay , only me for business visa Que number 1. Start to like the Promenada Immigration now.
  6. Will go there tomorrow at 9 and see , otherwise i have a one day overstay which i can live with. Don't think it will be to busy for business visa extension. Thanks
  7. Never mind , just visited Promenade and its there. Only question i have now is that they put a sign on Que 9 am till 11 am for residence certificate. This means for business there is not Que any more , or i just go at 9 am ?
  8. Hi there, i need to extend my business visa tomorrow. This is still done at the Airport office ? Thanks for your answer.
  9. I hope he stopped to call someone to pick him up. Driver of the car could have honked his horn also a few times to try make the cop stop. But hey who cares , great footage if he killed himself in front of your dash-cam right ? Already waiting for the police statement , drunk driving foreigner with police vest caught on dash cam.
  10. Send my 90 day with mail on the 14th that was a little bit late because it expire today the 27th . Today when checking the mail i see they send the return envelop on Saturday the 25th around 3 pm. Did not know they are working on Saturday also now , but lucky for me because i was already preparing the papers again to go so them my self today. Next time i will send it before the 15 day to have a bigger time frame. Good luck
  11. Wow a crackdown that is already in its second day, amazing !
  12. LOI , land of ingnorance
  13. 198 to go, hope they use the collected money to invest in the infrastructure. Sorry still sleeping / dreaming.
  14. The hub of sleeping drivers , must be the sticky rice they eat all the time.
  15. All dams and reservoir are back to normal levels was the news a few months ago , which nobody believed anyway.