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  1. How can they dwindle when we have had sweet F.... all
  2. Welcome back Grant. Good to see another Swan supporter
  3. He has put his tips in. If you do not submit your tips you get the away teams. He actually selected West Coast. Edit It looks like he did not select a margin
  4. Novis Peris was the Labor Senator from the NT. She was married to Sean Kneebone from 1995 to 2001*
  5. First round has been done and dusted. We have 6 members with 5/9. This weeks winner is Ozzydom with the best margin.Luckily there are another 22 rounds to go.
  6. Adelaide giving GWS a touch up as well.
  7. All I can say it was a very black Saturday for tipping for me. 0/4. It may also be a dark day tomorrow . Lucky it is only Round 1. I hope I can improve
  8. Was in Chiang Rai today and visited The Royal Project shop. The beans are now 20 Baht. Still very good value.Did not visit Big C
  9. In Chiang Rai the Royal Project shop has a packet of sting beans for 15 baht. Big C has the same size bag at 59 baht.
  10. Send me a PM with your email address and I will send you an invite to join.
  11. We now have 12 tipsters. Does anyone know who BIGWAZZ is?
  12. The bird pictured is a lot smarter and drug free
  13. The frisbee and the dog are the standard excuses for hand injuries. How dare a club question the excuse.