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  1. your on the ball,15,000 for the seller and 5,000 for her. my wife found out yesterday there is a property for sale nearby 1.4million bht. the wife had a good idea where it was so went and had a look,yep thats it seller wants 1.2.
  2. didnt know that the BIB. would know the meaning,"TO COUGH UP"
  3. just show them the expences acc. [] they have asked me twice in 8yrs. if you dont have proof you leave yourself wide open for the GIVE ME TROOPS.
  4. the continious low platelet count does scare me when i read what can happen [THROMBOCYTOPENIA] the symptoms are, FEVER. LETHARGY. HEART MURMER. EXCESSIVE COUGHING. EXCESSIVE NASAL MUCUS. COLLAPSING[IN SERIOUS CASES. he has never showed any of these his blood counts rbc. wbc.have always been good.
  5. as for the nose bleed,the first was sept.2015,it was we panicked as our vet wasnt interested coming out,the wife found a vets that would take him although the doctors didnt arrive till 8am. they done a great job,letting come home at 8pm.with a drip attached. they also gave the cause for the nose bleed,our so called vet had given him the following medication,we did trust him,i swore if our boy didnt pull through i would have killed him[THE VET THAT IS] he gave him DOXY.SULFA,PREDISOLONE, that was 2 antibiotics and a steriod given at the same time. as for the vet never to be seen again. this time we dont know what caused it. in over 2ys.he hasnt shown any symptoms as to why his platelet is always low. the vets that treated him the first time i couldnt praise enough but the facilities were ? just say not good. for mossies our boy has heartgard 1tablet every can give an injection that lasts for 2months but it does sting. there are a lot of mossies around right now as its very damp.morning he comes down with me 5.30am.and there is a few around, we have 2mossy lamps and usually light a smoke coil these are not healthy so for half hr.its tennis bat time,these are good.
  6. for the last 2.5yrs.our boys platelet count has been haywire.yet he has not shown any reason, fully active. eats very well. never had pale gums. he has had 2burst blood vessels,one sept.2015,and one march of this yr. i cant find out why,wbc.and rbc.are fine.but platelet count was down.the cause,this is what i know.the cause of the bloody nose is the platelets gather around the break to plug the break,but this did not happen. the first time in took 15hrs.before the bleeding stopped,the latest 5hrs. 10march platelet count 9,000.17th.march 16,000. i have posted before can these tests be reliable. he must have had over 20blood tests and only once his count was over 150,000. according to KASETSART UNI. a healthy count for platelet should be 200,000-900,000. but a lot of labs are totally different. it was back in jan.2015 that i seen him wobble as he was drunk,so that was the start of the vets jumping on the gravy train,but me and mrs.meat have learnt SO much. if your boy is showing those symptoms you discribe there must be a reason,parasites can most times not be detected. what medication was he given,as when our boy was used as an ATM.given medication in bag full it did make him very deppressed. we go back to the vet hospital on monday,only concerns,low platelet and high liver count. only once before has he had a high liver count and a few weeks on HEPATO-TAB LIVER SUPPLEMENT put it right.
  7. we still had a property in the uk.when moveing perminantly to thailand.we sold the house,proceeds went into our,as was my pensions,spoke with the bank regarding our problem at all,what they said its up to the bank,so if you have had a good relationship with them it will be fine.i still have banking on line as our pensions are paid into i suppose its no different to thai banks as long as the account is used then you will be ok.
  8. for your benefit, quote 90day reports plus an ext,800, a fixed term acc.will earn enough interest to cover the EXPENSES to and from immigration. is that not better than a credit card account.
  9. no LG.what i meant if you have a credit card,if you did draw down it wouldnt show on your letter as credit withdrawals aint taken till end of the 800,000bht.extension money is in a fixed term acc.and hasnt been touched for 7yrs.earns interest at best was 3.5% now 1.80%.and have never had a problem at imm.i always take a current aswell showing trans.from the uk.but they have twice asked what we live on. so LG change your a fixed term,more than enough to cover your 90day reports and your ext.[traveling exs.]
  10. tell bkk bank were to stuff their credit card,i expect you pay them enough for the privlige. not sure how a credit card works,but for once imm.might be right,to refuse your ext. if you drew money on the card before your ext.that means you will be x amount short of the 800, it wouldnt show till the end of the month.
  11. ONLY 4YRS your still on honeymoon.we have just past our 27th.anniversary and i wont see 71again. getting old frightens me as i am enjoying my life.i have made 2short visits,but i was sent back[not ready]
  12. and what about the 12 in the back of a PICK-UP.
  13. yeh back in the 80's i did poke her toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.never did win,she always had good hands.
  14. great game this morning 3am.thai time,wakefield v leigh, leigh was expecting to win,well they did the first half 12-24. but second half it was wakefield scoring 16points to nil. for a 28-24 win. the last 10minutes i had the feeling leigh was about to lose their heads. exciting.
  15. after having a new wife,i had to have a double by-pass and a new aota heart valve.still on meds.for life. so i see you to have had a new wife HMMMMMMMM.