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  1. HAHA-never be done-propaganda-usaula liip service-nothing will be resolved over what is a growing problem on Walking Street. Locals who live here go nowhere near there. We know if is nothing but trouble
  2. As I have said for years, BUSES need to get out of Pattaya. Need to give them central parking locations on the DARK SIDE and have the hotels shuttle passengers into Pattaya. buses are are a bain on traffic in Pattaya. It is a mini Bangkok. Does not have the infrastructure to handle the traffic yet they keep building. Buses cause major traffic problems, drive as if they just got behind the wheel of a bus for the first time and drive way too fast. They continually park illegally and the BIB do nothing as far as enforcing the law. I have seen convoys of buses on 3rd Road 18 in one minute. This is a major traffic problem as there are too many buses on the small roads of Pattaya
  3. Bottom line GUNS are illegal in Thailand. Why do so many Thai's have handguns? Need to crack down on this problem or more of this happens. With all the crazy me first Thai men drivers and I do not care about you attitude will only lead to more deaths. The police need to start cracking down on checking Thai driver cars/vans/trucks or what ever in check points instead of trying to get easy cash from farangs for trumped up charges and putting the money in their pockets
  4. What a joke. The Takin's one of the richest families in Thailand and the world want the poor people to give hard earned money that she profits from. why she not give Thai's more than the paltry amount she gives for publicity photo shoots????????????????????????????? What a joke and a same
  5. The family is one of the richest families in the world and she would consider taking money from the poor to pay for her sins. Shameful
  6. Typical mentality, they think this so funny and what they never think about is how dangerous the jet skier's actions are. How many things can go wrong. Only think in the moment and of themselves
  7. Police said they had received information that Dimaukom's group was planning to transport a "huge" amount of methamphetamine — a prohibited and extremely addictive stimulant drug locally known as shabu — from Davao city, Duterte's hometown, to Datu Saudi Ampatuan town Did not say anything about finding the large shipment of Meth they thing the mayor was transporting. Curious
  8. Police said they had received information that Dimaukom's group was planning to transport a "huge" amount of methamphetamine — a prohibited and extremely addictive stimulant drug locally known as shabu — from Davao city, Duterte's hometown, to Datu Saudi Ampatuan town Does not say if they found any of the big shipment of Meth in the shootout. Curious
  9. The Police and military went there 3 weeks ago and cleared out the boats and told them not to come back. I was there a week after and all the boats were back and the lot was full of boats. No place for a car to park. This will keep happening until they start towing away the boats and get into the pockets of the boat owners. They are mafia and hard headed and will be back as soon as the heat is off. Simple solution is put a guard police or military and have them monitor the lot on a Daly/nightly basis. This is so simple to remedy why they not do is what you and I know-deep pockets payments. If you think the boat owners are going to move down to south Jomtien, wrong. They will park the boats all over the streets until the police/military make them move again Start with a guard at the entry ways-so simple
  10. Exactly what I was thinking also. 1 large bus holding 30 to 40 passenger will be replaced by 3 to 4 minivans holding 10 passengers. How is that going to help? It will triple the numbers of vehicles on beach road and 2nd road. You both must not live in Pattaya or tried to drive any vehicle around Pattaya. Buses are one of the biggest problems in Pattaya. There are too many of them, the are too large for the small soi's that they have to drive down to get to the cheep hotels where the tour is put up in. They can not manage turns, much less U-Turns and will block the road for 5-10 minutes trying to navigate such turns. Meanwhile to traffic backs up to create a super traffic jam. Ever been on a small soi when a bus is coming down it? You have to back up or drive up on the sidewalk if there is one. Then let's talk about what happens after they drop their load of tourist off at the hotel. Do they park on the hotel parking lots? No they park on the street and they do not care where they park. They will park in the red no parking zone and hunker down and sleep until it is time to pick up the tourist at the hotel. They park, take up a full lane of road that is needed for the other people to use to get around town. So a two lane road is now a single lane, which adds up to twice the driving time for the other people driving. Now imagine a long line of buses parked in this way and this is Pattaya roads. Try to get out from a side soi when a bus is parked illegally at the intersection in a red no parking zone? It is dangerous as hell, with a truck or car you have to pull out into the only lane of traffic not blocked by the bus just to try and have a look if there is any traffic before you pull into the only lane of traffic-because buses are parked illegally all along the road. Yes there is cross traffic coming and fast and heavy-way too dangerous. I have been saying for years they need to build specified bus parking lots across Sukhumvit Road on the Dark Side and ferry the tourist into Pattaya to their hotels. This is the smartest way to handle it. Three vans take as much space a one bus, on the road so it really will not change the traffic volume. The buses arrive intermittently so it is not like all busses come into Pattaya at the same time and all of a sudden you have droves of mini-buses on the road. Come on people use some common sense. Then any bus caught in Pattaya should be fined and impounded. End of story-if you can get the corrupt MIB to do their job. NO BUSES ALLOWED IN PATTAY=more lanes of road for traffic to use and will alleviate a lot if the traffic problems. Pattaya was not build smart with a good infrastructure of roads for the amount of people or vehicles on the road. Making it illegal and enforcing buses to stay out of Pattaya makes TOTAL SENSE
  11. I always tell people to read the book "Private Dancer". It is a must read and good read. It explains a lot about the Thai-Farang relationship and what the Tai lady is about in values, family, and life. Read it and it will explain it all
  12. Get a copy of the book "Private Dancer". It will give you real incite into what a farang feels and a Thai bar girl feels and the lies and deceit that goes on. It is a must read for any farang to read before or when he thinks he has a relationship with a bar girl or free lancer in Thailand REAL
  13. That is because she is a stupid clone to his ideology, She does not have her own agenda, only a copy of Obama's socialist plan that ran the USA into the ground. I have first hand knowledge from past Secret Service teammates of mine who say Hillary is a raging bitch. That is why when she was alone traveling on the Presidential helicopter the code name was "Broomstick 1". She will be taken to task and hopefully prosecuted for selling nuclear products to Russia through her fake charity origination, for her inaction and continual lying about Bengazi and the deaths of a US Ambassador, her use of her personal computer to send classified emails. He should not be elected, but put in jail. I hope Trump wins because he is the only one with balls to go after her and Obama for their illegalities, lying to congress and the US, for all other atrocities
  14. Since the takeover, I have not been able to connect to my email server back in It is totally ridiculous. The typical stupid mentality I can only figure is that sounds like a bad word. How about doing some research before they block websites/webmail. I am sure there are many USA personnel who use this site for their email.
  15. Yes we are in the three months where do to cold weather you can not harvest rubber from trees. Even if you could what good would it do you when the price per kilo dropped from 28 to present 13 baht a kilo? I have 24 ria of mature rubber trees in Nong Kai but I told the family to go do other work as no one can make money to live on at 13 baht a kilo.