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  1. "No money no honey" ... Thailand,a place where the 'un-loved' meet the 'un-loving'. The truly happy would know the difference.
  2. Changing your 'form' does not change one's 'content'...but it tends to be a very good hiding place,or so they thought. Societal degeneration,once underway,leads to very rapid change in the social fabric. But who's to say it's not a good thing.
  3. Runner up for the 'best stupid' comment award - Cheers!
  4. Winner of the 'best stupid' comment...congrats!
  5. 300 tonnes of radioactive water being pumped into the ocean everyday, courtesy of that environmental meltdown,mega-cluster f&*k called Fukushima Daiichi. There really is not much hope...the oceans are terminal.
  6. There are WAY too many Songthaew's on the streets...how many times have you seen 3 or 4 drive along,usually spewing carbon and clogging traffic flows,with no-bodies on board? I don't know how they are organized,if at all. But cutting the city up into zones and have a set amount of trucks working within the zones may prove to be more profitable than having 1000's just driving around polluting the environment. Songthaew's & Tuks do have a place in the realm of 'public transport'. With the help of technology we now have an option of 'private' transport. A few years ago when BKK-style taxis emerged on the scene the "mafia" had a big stink over that,but they worked it out to where taxis are not allowed to be hailed. Uber is 'flagged' (so to speak) with technology that the 'old-school' operators have NO means of controlling. Its going to be interesting as the new wheels on the road find their niche....hopefully,no one gets shot.
  7. Reminds of a similar psychotic-break by a Toyota CRV owner in CM a few years ago.....remember,behind every smile is a......
  8. "Team-Work" is the Thai way......remember that next time you decide to have "a problem" with a Thai.
  9. Bad management, partner conflicts, running out of operational money is what usually brings small business down within it's first year. Sounds like the odds were against it from the get go..bad location et... I wonder how 'Papa Rock' keeps it kicking?....been meaning to stop there for ages now and have a burger/beer and check out the band....what of these days,best make it soon.
  10. "The head of the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, Kritsiam Kongsatree".....is the newly appointed Park 'Boss' and seems intent on cleaning-up the mess of his predecessor and of 'blind-eye' Rangers. This story is interesting because the resort in question is part of a project ,in a tucked-away area, that belongs to one of the "un-mentionables". There is another resort project under construction, also in the spotlight and in nearby Baan Pong on the Samoeng Valley rd...looks to be a serious big money project. Apparently work has stopped on it...for now. My wife has 1Rai land inside the park, near Doi Kham temple in Baan Maehia Ni. People have lived here long before the area was annexed as parkland .Over the last year there has been a campaign to check land titles and re-measure plots et.., all over Thailand.Consequently 30 properties have been fingered for various violation.No one has yet been kicked out but a few businesses have been shut-down,including,sadly, a popular coffee shop with an A-frame chalet. It's all in the court now.
  11. Just came back from K.L on friday and I was impressed with the organized and even "friendly" manner I was guided through immigration....ezee-pezee. However, the place needs a serious facelift to handle the traffic congestion outside...not to mention parking.
  12. This is hard to believe....but, about 20yrs ago my ex-partner was on a buying trip to BKK and dropped her money pouch in the Chatuchak market, it was over $3,000usd, a fair amount at that time. She was really upset because that was 'seed' money for her then, small business. She left her contact details with whoever was listening at the time. Amazingly, a week or so later her pouch was sent to her in Hong Kong, with all the money inside. Apparently it was turned in by a janitor of the market, they simply said that "he is a Buddhist"....and how many hands did the pouch go through before reaching the post office?...Amazing Thailand!
  13. No, it is a basic fear of somehow being implicated in the accident or billed from the hospital et... In this case, the occupants of the truck were most likely not in need of help.
  14. I drove 100km south today from CM to spend a beautiful bluesky day at the river huts near Ob Luang. I couldn't believe how clear it was in the entire Hod area today and for the drive to & fro Chiang Mai. Apparently the wind is blowing in the right direction. Even the full-moon was clear, normally orange color reflecting a smokey atmosphere.
  15. Where's the guns...only firecrackers and the usual procession march of the Groom to the Bride's house. When I see videos of Islamic-maniacs blowing off a magazine of rounds into the air, in the name of Alla,I have wonder where those rounds eventually land.