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  1. The problem with wearing those sweat suits is aside from your hands and head...about 90% of the pores on your body are covered and they can't breathe in this case he basically suffocated himself
  2. There is no way they will be able to handle the numbers...its way over their heads....there is no way!...Thai employees will in no way be able to handle this task in any responsible way given the volume of incoming at one time
  3. That is actually ironic as I did know a Thai guy with the nickname Bomb..
  4. so where do you find this list of airlines??
  5. Military Ties?? mean Thailand will be Russia's puppet <deleted> in SE Asia
  6. There isn't a single official in this country that gives a siht about what happened and could care less...nobody will be punished...they will just wai and say sorry and go on with their lives...its a mute point and most definitely will happen a dozen times more in the future
  7. another faller.........If this country claims to be a "HUB" of anything...I think we know what it is
  8. weak???...its no where close to weak now
  9. Does this place Thailand in another "HUB" category???
  10. you cannot write a better satire..This country really is AMAZING
  11. My thoughts hard can it be???
  12. in the long run do you really think anything will be done to these guys??...after all the issues of payments are settled, everyone will go on their jolly way