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  1. I like to burn music to disc to play in the car. I have a USB port but prefer to play discs.
  2. I can only go by what they tell me. The advice they gave originally re a system recovery worked, although I had to download all the programs I had again. If I'd deleted the DVD drive maybe I wouldn't have been able to get it back, I don't know.
  3. I had exactly that yesterday, two medium thin crust pizzas, one chicken and one vegetarian, 270 baht delivered.
  4. I asked Lenovo why I couldn't do this instead of a system recovery, this is their response: "Unfortunately, there's no Optical Disk driver available for your machine. Hence, please consider to perform a system recovery for your machine".
  5. There are dry settlements (for good reason), but there's absolutely nothing to stop an aboriginal leaving the settlement and buying alcohol in any town. An aboriginal cannot be refused entry to a bar (unless he's drunk) or being able to purchase alcohol. You show me different. BTW, there are also areas in Australia where a white man can't drink either.
  6. If we denied them alcohol as was done in the 50's we would be called racist. You realise an aboriginal can buy alcohol at a bar or pub the same as anyone else? Do you want to blame the white man for their abuse of it?
  7. Just don't see him punching people out though.
  8. Yeah, that may have been a good choice, but don't often see him playing the tough guy roles. I'm actually watching a movie of his now called Frank & Lola.
  9. I was remembering his role in "A History of Violence".
  10. That's him. Came from what I call The Easter Island school of acting.
  11. Can't place him, looks like one of those TV actors from the 50's.
  12. Viggo Mortensen would have been OK as well.
  13. The real Australians are doing it tough If you want to see what actually "doing it tough" means have a look at the poor in the Philippines, India and even Thailand, not quite the same as the aborigines who are sitting under a tree playing cards all day, or getting pissed on welfare money, and provided with free housing, education (that they mostly refuse) and free health care.The poor of the countries I mentioned would love to have it as good as the aboriginals.
  14. Liam would have been preferable, but getting a little long in the tooth now.
  15. I'd read most of the Reacher books, couldn't finish the most recent however, so I did have a picture in my mind of what the JR character should look like. TC fell short by about a foot for a start and just wasn't rugged enough IMO for the part, too much of a pretty boy. I couldn't think of any present actor who would have fitted the role better, but someone like Lee Marvin would have been perfect.