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  1. just adding that when I was swinging a hammer here in the USA building houses, we had a guy that came out with his van, and the little rig where he fed in the rolled aluminum and out came the gutters to any length. Quick and easy and not complicated at all. The gutters were up all around the house in not time at all. If that doesn't exist out there, I suggest it might be something to start up.
  2. yeah, i think it was a woman that stayed in the car while the man was eating and drinking in a restaurant. Can't recall the exact date or city
  3. yeah. word gets around very quickly. Even if the bank employee handling the cash was honest and played no part in it, others in the bank see things, a janitor, one of the tellers that had nothing to do with the transaction, etc. And of course all the other relatives or acquaintances of the family or wife. So easy for somebody to overhear something, even if the guy's wife's family had nothing to do with the crime. You just have to assume you are a potential target from anybody and all directions and take precautions. Doesn't mean you have to be paranoid, just don't make yourself a target, don't keep large cash around, etc. Any farang or Thai for that matter in a big new house is viewed as a potential target
  4. yeah. give it a year or two and see how much water seeps under the road, foundations of neighboring buildings, etc. The consequences of this dig are yet to be seen.
  5. give the juicy details. where is the MJ grown? Upper Thailand? Imported from Laos? Cambodia? His basement?
  6. yes. I have read some similar accounts lately. Obviously if one doesn't spend it, then some other monies are being involved. I can't get in the minds of Thai immigration. I can imaging them liking to see the 800k as kind of a guarantee, although I doubt they could easily grab it from you. But also obviously the cash balance on deposit method has been used by thousands for many years so Immigration has been happy with it.
  7. While all possibly true, it strikes me that the two new inmates their testimony was consistent with details of the crime could have come from them being debriefed by the one guy!
  8. So if one can't go back to the UK, reasons undefined, does one still have or can one get a UK passport?
  9. So many things possibly going on. Exactly how is this man making money living overseas for all these years?
  10. It would be interesting to see the books and the treasury and the revenues.
  11. Pondering the situation of foreign mafia people, foreign loan sharks, etc.. I would think that more people would be willing or able to rat them out anonymously to the authorities or to the social media, and get their butts thrown out of the country. Seems like it is very risky to do illegal things in a foreign country where one is probably there illegally. Of course if one is well connected not much may happen, but still at some point and with enough pressure and publicity I would expect to see a lot of ratting out going on. Borrow money from a foreign loan shark, don't pay, then work on getting him put behind bars or ejected.
  12. I have a 1997 buick I bought in 2006. Thing runs great now with 191,000 miles. But in 2007 I had a battery die. Thought nothing of it. Old battery, a week in the cold while I was away. But then it happened a second time. I found I had a 2 amp drain. Could not track it down, pulling every fuse, relay, etc. So I installed a kill switch inside the car. I got a long battery cable and ran it into my car under the dash. If you can access this link I bought the one with the bright red plastic keys. Every time I park the car off goes the switch. It was getting a bit quirky lately so after 10 years of use I bought another one. now some cars don't like the battery always being disconnected. Some of the anti theft things don't work right and don't reset after power is re-applied, engine diagnostic information is lost, etc. Some cars need some fiddling after a total loss of power. Not a problem on old cars, but newer cars may have issues, so check on this. http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/search/Battery+Switches/N0362/C0061.oap
  13. I have bought and sold dozens of bonds and currently hold several. Municipal, Corporate, etc.. I hold or have held several bond funds. My brokerage account is Etrade. When selling a bond, you ask for a bond quote. Etrade passes this on to their bond desk and tells you about how long before you will get an answer back, and for how long the quote is good for. Usually the quote is returned within 30 or 50 minutes and is good for 20 minutes or so. Then you will see the bond quote back which says how much the other party is willing to pay. You then can sell the bond. It may take several minutes for the transaction to show completed and the bond sold and the monies in your account. Some bonds don't attract much attention, but I have never not been able to sell a bond. You may have to sell it for a loss, or the quote may come back for a price higher than you paid so you will net a capital gain. If this is done in one of your IRA accounts not much else happens. If you do this in your brokerage account, then the buy/sell transaction is shown on the capital gains/losses and you have to deal with that at tax filing and the transaction will be on the 1099 Div and you get to play with the Schedule D and/or Form 8949. Note, when you sell you will also receive the interest earned since the last interest period. The new buyer has to pay you for that. Bond funds (mutual or ETF) can in general be bought or sold without any back and forth, although some funds such as NEA or NUW that are Closed end funds may not let you sell all at once since the bond buyers out there may not be willing to buy as much as you are selling. I just ran into that trying to place an order for 40K USD of NUW. The buy order was rejected and Etrade notified me right away of the current buy orders out there, so I lowered the amount I was buying and was able to buy using three separate orders. Just a feature of Closed End Funds or Funds with little buyer interest. As far as what happens when it comes to term, I have held several bonds until term. What happens is you get the interest from that final period, and the bond is sold at PAR. This is important. Because even though you may see the bond value as 102, but you paid, say 98, it will be sold at PAR which is typicall 100. I have also had some bonds redeemed before their final term. This usually happens more with municipal bonds then with corporate bonds, and is just the nature of the beast. Most Muni bonds have call features, some are called extra ordinary, some can just do it almost anytime they want, some are listed as can't be redeemed early. It depends on the bond. But again, when redeemed, they are sold at the PAR price. Corporate bonds tend to be not callable, but there are variations. Now I am not talking about zero coupon bonds which are another variation on things. Those are a bit different and you can look into those if you think they fit what you want to do
  14. I agree totally and plan to use the income verification method. My monies are doing quite fine where they are invested. However, I would point out that the 800k does not have to be in Thailand for the entire time. There is nothing wrong with putting the 800k in and then withdrawing from it regularly, then refresh it up to 800k at the proper time before your renewal (90 days prior is it?). Doing this shows how you are paying for things month to month which some offices seem to be concerned about lately. I personally don't plan to do that since I plan to stay in country about six months of each year and will just bring cash and use the ATM a few times while there.
  15. bunch of shits. Sure when I was growing up there were some scuffles, but we pretty much always tried to break up the fights, not stand around and watch what happens. Disgusting to watch