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  1. Someones bought some serious face here, I'm sure they will be held in the highest esteem by all their friends.
  2. ....and Buddha said....take only what's offered. I guess something got hopelessly lost in the translation!
  3. So why not try a new 20 year strategy, the previous 2560 year strategy has not been too successful.
  4. He doesn't need them, probably worked in construction in a previous life!
  5. Victims pursue civil suit for negligence Contractor loses face Contractor initiates deformation proceedings Get the picture?
  6. Only when the trough is at risk! The swill is what matters and deserves protection!
  7. can I live with this loss of face?
  8. When I see that large rhino horn, it conjures up ideas of what I'd like to do to the smugglers.......and it's NOT an inactive post!!!
  9. I just love the taste of noodle soup in the morning, it's the taste of.............carbon monoxide (CO3)!
  10. Let me get this straight, a guy gets an award in Surat Thani then winds up in a klong in BKK???
  11. Thais asked to honour Earth Hour and switch off IMHO it's time they switched on!
  12. Attention WTTC! Why isn’t Suvarnabhumi more secure? Tell them to bring tamper proof luggage!
  13. "police I lert you". Don't worry, someone will lert them on the app.
  14. Was the third perp so overcome with remorse that he could'nt bring himself to point at the ill gotten gains?
  15. Cows are obviously not good enough for him! Or are mocy seats higher class?