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  1. He also said that the reason for decline in tourist numbers might come from the fact more tour boats were registered. I think he's onto something here...tourists would much prefer unregistered, leaky boats! Moron.
  2. Temple Tugger Taunts Teens. Is This Thainess?
  3. The muzzled media has the spine of a jellyfish.
  4. It's a no brainer who I'd trust!
  5. The consequences of Phi Phi'ing into the wind!
  6. Civilised countries have anti discrimination laws!
  7. One of them is Planet Thailand! out of this world experience.
  8. Twenty school kids jammed in the back of a pickup and the driver goes to sleep!........Little or no idea!
  9. Does this place get more absurd by the day or is it just my imagination?
  10. Welcome to Wat Dhammakaya Inc...........merit for sale!
  11. They fear there will be no somtam when they are sent to Mexico.
  12. I think it's a no brainer who will win..........The Camouflage Party.
  13. Nevermind, the smell of reconciliation is killing their appetite.
  14. Biting the hand that feeds!...........OK, starve!