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  1. My wife gets really upset when I repeat my solution full-throatedly, for the driver problem here. 1. Choke them with my right hand whilst smacking them repeatedly with the left. 2. Castration, at least for the worst of them, so they can not produce the next generation. Upon leaving the middle east, my fantasy was to procure a 1972 Dodge PowerRam pick up truck (full size, American one), strap used tyres all around it, and drive through the city, playing bumper cars with the locals, which includes the Jinglies (and Pakis). Then park up at the airport, keys in the bin out front, board my flight with a smile and never return.
  2. You guys sure are sensitive. Sometimes the PM reminds ME of Trump. That's it. Nothing more to read into it. Nothing to do with elections, or lack thereof.
  3. Take off your Issan insult goggles and try reading the "mud" comment again. Jeez man!
  4. BTW, I was referring to Trump's translators. Kelly Anne Conway and/or Sean Spicer.
  5. I was referring to personalities and way things he says come across. Granted his go through translator........
  6. You still trying to bend this around into an insult? I was actually agreeing with your sentiment above, TA, so your clumsy responses are confusing, but understandable if, for some reason, you're overly sensitive and ready to pounce because it's too close to home? Who knows.
  7. I don't mind a little mud now and then. My Mrs hates when they track it in through the kitchen though.
  8. Outsmarted by a dumb Issan girl with mud between her toes.
  9. The more you travel and live/work in different country, the more you figure out people are, for the most part, the same. Food. Water. Shelter (security). Clothing. Once you've got that, that's when the good idea fairies start coming up with all kinds of superfluous nonsense.
  10. ^ Every nugget of knowledge wears that good 'ole shine off a bit more.
  11. Is that the Frequent Flier Club rate?
  12. Sure, I would say it's more prevalent but I've also seem some couples where it's turned on its head. Some guys here are so whipped and under her thumb, it's painful and embarrassing to watch.
  13. Reminds me of Trump in a lot of ways.