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  1. Same go's for Australia, several thousand dollars and if/when we say no chance sunshine and no refunds, what a pack of thieving Ba****ds, but if you and your daddy's got plenty of cash well suspected murderers are just fine... Only one way to make that change, do some thing about it instead of pissing and moaning about it.
  2. www. CSI LA, if you want the real truth don't look for in the local media/police/military/gov't.
  3. Young man standing up for himself and others, military says you know who I am? you don't want to pay me? young man now dead. Not the first murder by military and won't be the last. And some here still think the military junta running a country is just fine. Will the soldier be protected or will he be offered up as a sacrificial lamb by the military in a desperate claim of legitimacy?
  4. Let me retort. The National Health care was in fact implemented by yu'p that's right THAKSIN, it well may have been the brain child of another person but hey until it is policy put in place then sorry mate it is nothing... So yet again, name one policy that the Dem's/Mark/junta have put in place that has had the same far reaching positive affect on the majority of the people than that one single policy? Again good luck with that....! And in answer to your question regarding the "poor rice farmers" I know get paid at the pledged rice price? YU'P they did...! Question regarding the OP, do you think it good for a junta craving legitimacy yet completely void of it block a book launch in the ridicules guise of we don't want people to get confused clap-trap?
  5. Yu'p he's doing a bang up job huh, Oh but let's not talk about cutting health or cutting education, or that pesky human rights abuses thingy ok, oh I almost forgot the budget is knackered, low rice prices rubber price, palm oil price, taxes up again this year, freedom of speech, military courts for civilians, him and his family are untouchable and can not be independently investigated, the list goes on. The happiness index numbers have gone down, try reading post #5 instead of blindly following the junta because you don't like the other choices/clowns.
  6. "Given that reading a book is a very foreign or wholly uncommon practice here." Sorry mate but even my poor rice farming sister in-law reads books. If your inaccurate belief were in fact true then why so many book stores???
  7. So you are qualified to comment on the book as you have read it and fully researched the facts yes? "the small, poor farmers got nothing, zilch, nada from the rice schemes(scams)." So just how many "poor rice farmers do you know that got nothing zilch nada"? Because my wife's sister and extended family were paid, everyone in this village and the surrounding villages were paid, and also our friends in several other provinces were paid, Seems your little dive into the delusional/deceitful/deceptive red-shirt basing shin hating clap-trap propaganda just didn't quite pay off huh? Then you let go of the predictable "red terrorist" accusation, followed by the "little educated farmers" line. Are there poor little educated farmers? Yes, are there educated farmers? Yes, Are there multilingual farmers? Yes, are there very successful and educated farmers? Yes. And most of them prefer the Shinz rather than Suthep/Mark/junta each of them born into money and wouldn't know their ass from their elbow in relation to rice farming. So the so-called buying votes bull dust get's thrown out there. You know there is a reason why the Shinz get the votes,,, Because they put policies in that benefit the majority of the people not just the few, eg; national health care. So if you could (no chance what so ever) Name just one policy that Mark/Dems/junta have put in that has had the same positive impact on the people as the national health care...! Good luck with that...
  8. So in your own words you served 2 years in army and "there was very little pleasure in it" So then how if you were to be honest do you think these guy's will be treated in a military that they have a history with and have been victims of violence in the past while they were privet citizens? Again I give you the name Desmond Doss...! How was he treated? Yet he proved to be a hero of the highest order... These two will be singled out for very special treatment at the whim of people in power with an axe to grind and power trip of domination with a dash of do you know who I am? As far as your attempted explanation of your comment regarding wearing a dress and now oh I mean katoeys, WEAK at best.
  9. No surprises with a comment like that. I see no "attitude problem" but I do see young men standing up to the military for what they believe in. So it seems you a foreigner support a military coup, forced military abductions ( invitations) for re-education (attitude adjustment) Military courts for civilians, Gaoling of protesters of the coup/military, denial of freedom of speech, Human rights abuses, Junta nepotism (brother/son/nephew/wife can do as they please at the cost to the nation with out independent investigation, etc. These people are conscientious objectors knowing full well the treatment they will get if conscripted. eg; Desmond Doss. Yet you the foreigner do not have to face this treatment and ridicule those that do face it, I know what that is called in another country...! Thailand is not at war. BTW your derogatory comment "Perhaps he should buy a dress." Reckon there are a hell of a lot of acting and ex military out there that just happen to wear a dress. You familiar with the term misogynous? Class act.
  10. No deep water in Thailand but we must have 3 submarine's at a cost of 36 BILLION, Ooh and er the national health care will be to costly so all you working poor people er um yeah STIFF...!
  11. Kill nine innocent people in a mini bus but you have a special family name are hi-so and money, you walk free. Old hungry and poor and pick mushrooms 15 years gaol. son of red bull and kill a cop, walk free until stat of limitations are up. Sit on a train to visit Hua Hin and call for transparent investigations of junta park statues, gaol. (red shirt). Order use of live rounds on protesters, walk free, Suthep. Click like of FB gaol,,,,, but only if the junta don't like it. Remove elected government and break international human rights laws and military courts for civilians, walk free. Be the wife of a falang and not pay tea money gaol for a very very long time. And some here still will not see corruption that is in front of them... Husband needs to be very careful what he say's publicly as he just may find himself in s***t load of trouble in LOS...
  12. Think Mark was in there for a few years yeah, then Yingluk followed by the junta. So the Revenue department say's no tax, the tax court say's no tax, but the AG say's yes there is tax to collect,
  13. Difficult to defend the indefensible.
  14. So did the revenue department say there was no taxes payable? did the court rule no tax payable? So who is saying taxes are payable? that would be the AG and those that have an agenda.
  15. Duh,,, hello,,, The coup was a crime under then existing Thai law then they gave themselves amnesty for past present and future, so yeah man "PROOF IRREFUTABLE"....! How does that compare with your junta sycophancy? And then you have the junta sanctioned abductions which after sanitizing they called invitations to "attitude adjustment" or what the Viet cong called re-education camps. But hey you know all this but still refuse to call a duck a duck And that is why the headline, The world scorns Thai lies on rights democracy.......!